Part-Time Faculty


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Amanda Agricola

Professorial Lecturer, New Media Digital Art, Fine Art.
Katherine Akey Lee

Katherine Akey Lee

Katherine was raised between Richmond, Virginia and Athens, Greece. Her work about polar exploration, World War I and early aviation is inspired in part by her experiences as the daughter of archaeologists. 
Photo of John Albertson with guitar

John Albertson

John Albertson, Professor Emeritus of Music at George Washington University, is an applied music instructor in Classical and Jazz Guitar.
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Omya Alston

Professorial Lecturer, Photography, Studio Arts Program.
Photo of Diana Araoz-Fraser

Diana Araoz-Fraser

Diana is a Vice-President/Sr Interior Designer at HKS Inc. She is a passionate designer with 15 years of experience.
Karthika Audinet

Karthika Audinet

Karthika Audinet is a DC based textile designer and educator with 25+ years of international experience and a background in designing luxury furnishings. She holds two MAs in Textile Design from the National Institute of Design, India and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, France.
Randy Baker

Randy Baker

Randy Baker is a playwright, director and the co-Artistic Director of Rorschach Theatre.
Drawing of ponciana flower

Carol Beach

Carol Tudor Beach is an artist and designer who has worked with architects and interior designers painting murals and doing decorative art, specializing in botanical subjects.
Helen Bechtel smiling with arms crossed

Helen Bechtel

Helen Bechtel is an architect and independent curator.
Tonya Beckman

Tonya Beckman

Tonya Beckman is an AEA/SAG-AFTRA actor and dialect coach.
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Kara Braciale

Professorial Lecturer, Painting & Drawing, Studio Arts Program.
Photograph of woman with glasses checkered scarf.

Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin earned an MFA from the University of Delaware. Much of her work explores time and memory, using techniques such as pinhole photography, video, and digital collage.
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Jaclyn Brown

Professorial Lecturer, Photography, Studio Arts Program.
Kristin Rose Carleton

Kristin Carleton

Kristin Carleton is a Licensed Architect and Certified Interior Designer with over 12 years of experience in the field of Built Environments.
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Kelly Carr

Professorial Lecturer, Photography, Studio Arts Program.
photo of chan chao

Chan Chao

Chan Chao was born in Kalemyo, Burma. In addition to teaching photography at GW, he has published three photography books, contributed to five different magazine publications, and had his work in five galleries and ten museums nationwide.
Natalie Cheung

Natalie Cheung

Natalie Cheung is originally from Falls Church, Virginia.
photo of jasper colt

Jasper Colt

Jasper came to photojournalism late in life, but approached it with the passion of someone who had never before considered that you could do what you love for a living.
Photo of Joseph Connell

Joseph Connell

Joseph Connell teaches percussion lessons and directs the GW Percussion Ensemble.
Photo of Douglas Crawford standing in front of a brick wall

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford, AIA is an award winning architect whose professional work is focused on projects that are regionally relevant and site specific, while his academic interests relate to the intersection of digital methods within design pedagogy.
Alison Crockett

Alison Crockett

Vocalist and Executive Director of Generations of Vocal Jazz.
Photo of Alex Donahue

Alex Donahue

Alex Donahue is passionate about Architectural, Urban and Product design. He has practiced architecture at several internationally recognized design firms in both New York City and Washington, D.C. His research work centers on equity in architectural and urban spaces through post-occupancy analysis and field research.
William Douthitt

Bill Douthitt

Bill Douthitt is Photography Managing Editor for Science magazine, the flagship publication of the American Association for Advancement of Science.
Danielle A. Drakes

Danielle Drakes

Danielle A. Drakes is equal parts artist and educator. She has been a professional theater practitioner in the DC area for more than 15 years.
Photo of Magdalena Duhagon

Magdalena Duhagon

Born in Uruguay, guitarist Magdalena Duhagon has performed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and South America, giving concerts in cities like Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Alexandria, Cairo, Beyrouth, Amman, Prague and Amsterdam.
Stephen Elfers

Stephen Elfers

Professorial Lecturer, Photojournalism/Digital Media, Studio Arts Program.
Image of Professor Gillian Elliott

Gillian Elliott

Dr. Gillian B. Elliott is a historian of Medieval art focusing on the political context of Romanesque sculpture in the Holy Roman Empire, specifically in northern Italy and in Alsace, France.
Photo of Heidi Nasstrom Evans

Heidi Nasstrom Evans

Dr. Nasstrom Evans specializes in American and European visual culture from the industrial revolution to the present day (1750-2017).
photo of michael fetters

Michael Fetters

Professor Fetters is director of marketing and sales for Quatrefoil Associates, an exhibition and experience design firm in Laurel, MD.
Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Field

Elizabeth Field

Elizabeth Field teaches violin and chamber music in the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design Music Program.
photo of christina filipescu

Christina Filipescu

Christina’s extensive international education and varied experience in architecture, urban and landscape design, interior design and fine arts leads to a distinctive focus on enriching designs with qualities influenced by the interwoven disciplines.
Photo of Professor Mary Findley

Mary Findley

Mary Findley has been featured as a violin soloist with many orchestras, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under Thomas Schippers.
Photo of Oscar Fitzgerald

Oscar Fitzgerald

Oscar Fitzgerald is the author of Four Centuries of American Furniture, the definitive reference on the subject.
photo of michelle frankfurter

Michelle Frankfurter

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Michelle Frankfurter is a documentary photographer from Takoma Park, MD.
Dr. Elise A. Friedland

Dr. Elise A. Friedland

Elise A. Friedland holds a BA in Classics from Williams College and an MA and PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan.
Headshot of Ashley Givens

Ashley Givens

Ashley Givens is a curator and academic with expertise in nineteenth and twentieth century art.
Laurel Gray

Laurel Gray

Internationally recognized dance scholar, choreographer, performer, and costume designer, Laurel Victoria Gray specializes in women’s dances from Silk Road cultures and the Islamic World.
Katherine Grube

Katherine Grube

Katherine Grube received her PhD from New York University. She was a 2014 Fulbright Scholar at Peking University and the recipient of the 2013 Asia Art Archive-Robert HN Ho Family Foundation China Research Grant.
Photo of Eileen Guenther

Eileen Guenther

Dr. Eileen Guenther is the Professor of Church Music at Wesley Theological Seminary and a Lecturer in Music at The George Washington University.
Photo of Cecilia Gunzburger

Cecilia Gunzburger

Cecilia Gunzburger is a textile historian with expertise in European, American, and global textiles and historic textile technologies.
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Jeff Hardwick

Jeff Hardwick is a Senior Program Officer in the Division of Public Programs at the National Endowment for Humanities.
photo of kate hardy working on a ceramics piece

Kate Hardy

Kate Hardy is an artist living and working in Washington DC.
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Jeffrey Hazelden

Professor Hazelden is a visual artist who works primarily with video and photography.
Mira Hecht

Mira Hecht

Mira Hecht is a DC-based artist. She holds a BA from American University in Washington, DC and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.
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Maren Henson

Professorial Lecturer, Painting & Drawing, Fine Arts.
Josh Highter

Joshua Highter

Josh Highter is an artist whose work focuses on the intersection between observation and memory, utilizing the processes of drawing, painting, and printmaking.
Steph Hooton

Steph Hooton

Steph Hooton has over 30 years of experience in the field of visual communications and is a subject matter expert in design and photography.
Jennifer Hopkins

Jennifer Hopkins

Jennifer J. Hopkins is a performing artist who spends her free time teaching fitness.
photo of ashley hornish

Ashley Hornish

Ashley Hornish is an exhibition designer at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.
Robert Horton

Robert Horton

Bob Horton studied history at Brown, Ohio State and Yale, then started his archival career at the State Archives of Indiana.
James Huckenpahler

James Huckenpahler

James Huckenpahler is an artist, educator, curator and lifelong Washingtonian. His laptop is his studio, and his practice firmly grounded in the digital realm.
Deborah Hull-Walski

Deborah Hull-Walski

Deborah Hull-Walski is the Collections Officer with the National Museum of Natural History's Collections Program.
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Luke Ikard

Professorial Lecturer, New Media, Studio Arts Program.
Christiane Joost-Gaugier

Christiane Joost-Gaugier

Professor Joost-Gaugier earned her AB, AM, and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University. She was awarded an honorary PBK degree from Harvard University for Lifetime Achievement.
photo of Karen Kasmauski

Karen Kasmauski

After college, Kasmauski volunteered in the rural regions of Appalachia working on health and education issues.
Photo of Jeff Kempskie

Jeff Kempskie

Jeff Kempskie is active in the Washington, D.C., area as a church musician, choral conductor, accompanist, music educator, and singer.
photo of thomas kline

Thomas Kline

Mr. Kline began his work in the recovery of stolen art and cultural property in 1989 with the representation of the Autocephalous Greek-Orthodox Church of Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus in litigation against an art dealer in Indianapolis that led to the recovery of Byzantine mosaics that had been stolen from a Church in the Turkish-occupied area of Cyprus.
Photo of Robert Kuentzel

Robert Kuentzel

Robert Kuentzel is an architectural designer working in Washington, DC and works primarily on residential and mixed-use projects throughout the DMV region.
Bill Largess

Bill Largess

Bill Largess has been a theatre artist in the Washington area for over 40 years.
Photo of Elizabeth Lay

Elizabeth Lay

Elizabeth Lay is a Textile Historian and the Curator at Montgomery History’s Beall Dawson House and Stonestreet Museum in Rockville.
Photo of James Levy

James Levy

Adjunct Professor Emeritus James Levy is a jazz pianist, composer and educator.
Photo of Kip Lornell

Kip Lornell

Kip Lornell has been teaching courses in American music and ethnomusicology at GW since 1992.  
Joey Manlapaz

Joey P. Mánlapaz

Washington, D.C.-based artist Joey P. Mánlapaz earned her MFA in painting from GW where her ongoing fascination for and concentration on the city of Washington as subject matter was influenced by her mentor Frank Wright, a renowned painter depicting 18th-19th century architecture of downtown D.C.
Image of Professor Katherine Markoski

Katherine Markoski

Katherine Markoski is an art historian with a specialty in modern and contemporary art.

Lynn Matheny

Lynn Matheny

Dr. Matheny currently serves as Deputy Head and Associate Curator of Exhibition Programs at the National Gallery of Art.
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Antonio McAfee

Professorial Lecturer, Photography, Studio Arts Program.
Brandon McCoy

Brandon McCoy

Brandon McCoy is a professional actor, director, playwright, and educator currently residing in Laurel, Maryland.
Hadrian Mendoza

Hadrian Mendoza

Hadrian Mendoza is a stoneware potter whose work is part of permanent collections in museums in Cambodia, China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.
Natasha Mokina

Natasha Mokina

Natasha Mokina is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts – the oldest and most respected art school in Russia, and perhaps the last school still continuing traditions of European art education
photo of Jim Mole

Jim Mole

Jim Mole, a painter and sculptor by training, is a versatile, deeply knowledgeable Internet strategist and usability advocate with more than twenty-five years of experience in advertising, marketing, web design and development.
Tom Morris

Tom Morris

Tom Morris is a painter and designer inspired by the hidden patterns of nature.
photo of cory oberndorfer

Cory Oberndorfer

Cory Oberndorfer has been exhibited nationally, including Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA, Redux Contemporary Art Center and 4th Wall in Charleston, SC, Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT, and Flashpoint Gallery, G Fine Art, and the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C.
Photo of Molly Orlando

Molly Orlando

Pianist Molly Orlando is recognized as a soloist, collaborator, and teacher throughout the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area.
photo of Jon Ozment

Jon Ozment

Jon Ozment is a jazz piano instructor.  He has over 30 years of experience in performance, teaching, improvisation, theory, and jazz history.
photo of david page

David Page

David Page is an artist and educator who has exhibited in over 60 shows, including solo shows, biennials, and trade show expositions.
photo of lisa palmer

Lisa Palmer

While a graduate student at the George Washington University Museum Studies Program, Professor Palmer was a student of Marie Malaro. She now applies the same rigor to the collections management class that she co-teaches with Deb Hull-Walski.
photo of Sasha Palmquist

Sasha Palmquist

Sasha Palmquist is a learning sciences researcher and professional evaluator of informal learning experiences.
photo of hyung park reading the paper

Hyung Park

Mr. Park has been a designer and an educator. His professional practice specializes in strategic branding and visual communication.
Photo of Malinee Peris

Malinee Peris

Sri Lankan–born Malinee Jayasinghe-Peris teaches piano at the George Washington University as Professor Emeritus of Music.
Photo of Dianne Pierce

Dianne Pierce

Dianne Pierce is an architectural and design historian with particular focus on Modernism, domestic interiors, and Postwar America.
Erica Rebollar

Erica Rebollar

Erica Rebollar was born in Madrid, began studies at Washington School of Ballet, and completed her BFA in dance at Cornish College of the Arts and MFA in dance at UCLA. As an undergraduate student, she received ACDA’s national award in choreography. With the founding of RebollarDance in 2003, Erica Rebollar created a modern dance collaborative where multi-genre artists can make innovative work.
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Amy Reiff

Amy Reiff is a lecturer of voice in the Music Program of the George Washington University's Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.
photo of astrid riecken

Astrid Riecken

Astrid Riecken is an award-wining documentary and fine-art photographer, based in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Riecken started her photographic career in her native Hamburg, Germany.
Photo of Elizabeth Rochette

Elizabeth Chase Rochette

Elizabeth Rochette focuses on the market for design in western culture.
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Manuel Roig-Franzia

Professorial Lecturer, Photojournalism, Studio Arts Program.
headshot of giselle ruzany

Giselle Ruzany

Giselle Ruzany MA DTR LPC has been an artist and dancer for most of her life, performing internationally and collaborating with different artists around the USA.
photo of Jennifer Sakai

Jennifer Sakai

Jennifer Sakai is a fine art photographer, curator, and educator that resides in the Washington D.C. area.
Millicent Scarlett

Millicent Scarlett

Millicent Scarlett is an adjunct professor of voice and vocal facilitator in the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design's Music Program.
Photo of Josephine Shea

Josephine Shea

As curator of Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, a historic house museum in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, Josephine Shea managed the rich collection of fine and decorative arts that reflects the Fords' important patronage of the arts.
Hae Won Sohn

Hae Won Sohn

Hae Won Sohn is a ceramic artist from Seoul, South Korea. Sohn is currently a 2018/19 long-term resident artist at Baltimore Clayworks (MD).
photo of kathy southern seated at a desk writing on a piece of paper

Kathy Southern

For more than 35 years, Kathy Dwyer Southern has provided leadership in major museums, cultural and philanthropic organizations, associations and government in the Washington, Virginia and Maryland region.
photo of allyson currin stokes

Allyson Currin Stokes

Professor Stokes is the writer of numerous original plays, which have premiered on stages around the country.
photo of benjamin tankersley

Benjamin Tankersley

Benjamin C Tankersley earned his BFA in Photography from the Corcoran School of Art in 1999.
Photo of Michaela Trnkova

Michaela Trnkova

Michaela Trnkova, international harpist, is Lecturer in Harp at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design’s Music Program.

Chloe Varelidi head shot

Chloe Varelidi

Chloe Varelidi is a product designer, educator and the founder of the design studio Humans Who Play.
Photo of Matthew Vargas

Matthew Vargas

Matt is a licensed architect with 10+ years of experience. He's passionate about how design tools and conventions influence our built environment and culture. He is in constant pursuit of “design happiness”.
Uri Wassertzug poses with violin

Uri Wassertzug

Uri Wassertzug is an adjunct professor of Viola and Chamber Music.
Hans Weise

Hans Weise

Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker and former director of video production at National Geographic, Hans Weise focuses his passion to tell complex stories in visually engaging ways.
Stephen Wellman

Stephen Wellman

Bachelor of Music, MDiv, PhD (ABD). US Navy veteran, served 24 years as a vocalist with the Navy Band Sea Chanters.
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William Wheeler

Professorial Lecturer, Fine Art, Studio Arts Program.
Christian Wicha

Cristian Wicha

An award-winning industrial designer, woodworker, photographer, and sculptor from the D.C. area, Cristian Wicha has been designing furniture for production for the past 18 years.
Photo of Zinnia Willits

Zinnia Willits

Zinnia Willits is the Director of Collections and Operations at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology from the University of Illinois, Champaign, in 1995.
Photo of professor A. Scott Wood

A. Scott Wood

A. Scott Wood is director of orchestral activities at the George Washington University’s Corcoran School of Arts and Design.
Image of lion sculpture given in place of an instructor phot

Joe Yablonsky

Joe Yablonsky's work specializes in gelatin silver photographs of public sculpture.

photo of Holly Yeager

Holly Yeager

Holly Yeager was the Middle East and Asia Editor at The Washington Post, and also covered lobbying for the paper as a member of the national staff.