We welcome your questions and thoughts about the Corcoran School. There are different offices and programs that can answer general inquiries, questions from prospective students or to share information about jobs and internships with our current students.

Prospective Students

General questions about Corcoran programs?

We'd love to hear from you. Please email [email protected].

Program contacts:

Art History:

Undergraduate: Lisa Lipinski [email protected]
Graduate: Mika Natif [email protected]

Fine Art:

Undergraduate: Allyson Vieira [email protected]
Graduate: James Sham [email protected]

Fine Art Photography/Dual BA in Fine Art and Art History: 

Allyson Vieira [email protected]

Social Practice:

James Sham [email protected]


Undergraduate: Matt Eich [email protected]
Graduate (New Media Photojournalism): Susan Sterner [email protected]

Graphic Design:

Undergraduate: Aasawari Kulkarni [email protected]

Interaction Design:

Kevin Patton [email protected]

Exhibition Design:

Andrea Hunter Dietz [email protected]

Interior Architecture:

Undergraduate: Melina Misri [email protected]
Graduate: Douglas Crawford [email protected]

Museum Studies:

Suse Anderson [email protected]
Laura Schiavo [email protected]
Max van Balgooy [email protected]


Eugene Montague [email protected]


Undergraduate: Carl Gudenius [email protected]
Graduate (Classical Acting): Alec Wild [email protected]


Maida Withers [email protected]

For questions about your application to GW, please contact:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 


[email protected]

Schedule a Visit

CCAS Graduate Admissions 


[email protected]

Schedule a Tour

Program Contacts

Art History

Program Administrator
Smith Hall of Art
801 22nd St, NW, Room 101
[email protected]

Classical Acting

The Academy at STC at The George Washington University
2129 G Street NW, Building L, Rear
Program Administrator
Emily Whittaker
[email protected]

Design (Graphic Design / Interaction Design / Exhibition Design)

Administrative Offices (Flagg Building)
500 17th St, NW
[email protected]

Interior Architecture

Liz Meitner
Program Administrator
Flagg Building, 500 17th Street, NW, Room 215
[email protected]

Museum Studies

Roxann Edwards
Program Administrator
2142 G Street, NW
[email protected]


Program Administrator
Phillips Building
801 22nd Street NW
Phone (Main): 202-994-6245
(PA Office): 202-994-0100
[email protected]

Theatre and Dance

Dalton Lamberth
Program Administrator
Building XX, 3rd Floor
814 20th St, NW
[email protected]

Studio Arts (Fine Arts / Photography / Photojournalism)

Emma Hunt
Program Administrator
500 17th Street, NW
[email protected]

Media Inquiries

GW Media Relations
[email protected]

Recruiting Corcoran Students

Do you have a job or internship opportunity for Corcoran students? Contact us at [email protected].

School Administration and Staff

Lauren Onkey

Director, Corcoran School of the Arts & Design
[email protected]

Mary Coughlin

Deputy Director, Corcoran; Associate Professor and Head of Museum Studies Online Certificate
[email protected]

Natasha Bailey

Director, Operations & Administration
[email protected]

Jacqueline Emerick

Associate Director, Recruitment & Admissions
[email protected]

Naomi Rothwell

Communications Director
[email protected]

Abby Bender

Instructional Technologist, Scene Shop
[email protected]

Kirk Kristlibas

Communications Associate
[email protected]

Ann Norton

Performance Manager
[email protected]

Joe Bradley

Instructional Technologist, Wood and Metal
[email protected]

Caroline Casey

Studio Technician, 2D
[email protected]

Alessandra Echeverri

Instructional Technologist, Printmaking
[email protected]

Kaitlin Jencso

Studio Manager / Instructional Technologist, Lens-Based Media
[email protected]

Nat Lewis

Studio Technician, 3D
[email protected]

Daniel Jonas

3D Instructional Technologist in Wood and Metal
[email protected]

Roxann Edwards

Program Administrator, Museum Studies
[email protected]

Katelyn Hensel

Program Administrator, Music
[email protected]

Liz Meitner

Program Administrator, Interior Architecture
[email protected]

Emma Hunt

Program Administrator, Studio Arts
[email protected]

Dalton Lamberth

Program Administrator, Theatre & Dance
[email protected]

Emily Vallozzi

Instructional Costume Lab Associate for Theatre & Dance
[email protected]

Request Transcripts

To request a copy of your transcript, visit GW's Office of the Registrar or call 202-994-4900.

Corcoran Collection

In 2018, the Corcoran School welcomed back works of art from the Corcoran Gallery to serve as the foundation of a rich research collection available to students, faculty and the public.

Questions about the Corcoran Study Collection?

Contact Olivia Kohler-Maga
Luther W. Brady Art Gallery
[email protected]