Natasha Bailey

Director, Administration and Operations

Natasha Bailey is the Corcoran's Director of Administration and Operations.
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Abby Bender

Instructional Technologist, Scene Shop

Abby Bender is the Instructional Technologist for the Scene Shop. Abby grew up in Shippensburg, PA and started working at her local performing arts center in high school.
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Joe Bradley

Instructional Technologist, Wood and Ceramics

Joe Bradley is the Instructional Technologist for Wood and Ceramics. Joe is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Washington, DC. He received his B.F.A. in Fine Art from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2010.
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Caroline Casey

Studio Technician, 2D

Caroline Casey is the 2D Studio Technician. Caroline is a photographer from Albany, New York currently living and working in Washington, DC.
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Alessandra Echeverri

Instructional Technologist, Printmaking

Alessandra Echeverri is the Instructional Technologist for Printmaking. Alessandra is a book artist & printmaker from Washington DC, as well as a 2011 Corcoran graduate from the Master's Art + the Book program.
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Jacqueline Emerick

Associate Director, Recruitment & Admissions

Jacqueline Emerick has been with the George Washington University since 2007. In her current role, she works closely with both undergraduate and graduate prospective students throughout the admissions process.
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Katelyn Hensel

Program Administrator, Music

Katelyn Hensel is the Music Program Administrator.
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James Huckenpahler

Professorial Lecturer & Instructional Lab Coordinator, Digital Studios, Studio Arts Program

James Huckenpahler is a Professorial Lecturer & Instructional Lab Coordinator for the Digital Studios, Studio Arts Program. James is an artist, educator, curator and lifelong Washingtonian. His laptop is his studio, and his practice firmly grounded in the digital realm.
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Kaitlin Jencso

Studio Manager / Instructional Technologist, Lens-Based Media

Kaitlin Jencso is the Studio Manager and Instructional Technologist for Lens-Based Media. Kaitlin is a photographer from Southern Maryland currently living and working in Washington, DC.
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Daniel Jonas

3D Instructional Technologist in Wood and Metal

Daniel received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Maine and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Towson University. He has previous experience as a studio technician, teaching at the collegiate level, metal designer and fabricator, and most recently as an instructor and fabricator at the Woodworkers Club in Maryland.
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Kirk Kristlibas

Communications Associate

Kirk Kristlibas is the Communications Associate. Kirk is a designer (graphic/web/scenic), artist, author and musician. He has been a GW staff member since 2007.
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Dalton Lamberth

Academic Program Administrator for Theatre & Dance

Dalton Lamberth is a management professional and an avid lover of the arts and culture scene. He believes in providing a positive, practical, and productive environment in his work life and to those around him.
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Nat Lewis

Studio Technician, 3D

Nat Lewis is an Instructional Learning Assistant - 3D Studio Technician. Nat is a recent alumnus of the Corcoran from central Pennsylvania who majored in scultpure. He is currently an Instructional Learning Assistant - 3D Studio Technician.
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Liz Meitner

Program Administrator, Interior Architecture Program

Liz Meitner is the Program Administrator for the Interior Architecture Program. Following an extensive and successful career on Capitol Hill and in non-profit advocacy, over the past decade Liz has dedicated her time to immersing her passion for architecture and design in extensive travel and educational opportunities.
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Ann Norton

Performance Manager

Ann Norton is a Performance Manager. Ann has been involved in the Theatre since she came home from playing in the park to announce that she had been cast as the Miller’s Daughter in "Rumpelstiltskin" – at the age of six. Her parents, also in the biz, were relieved that she had “found her own way without any influence from them.”
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Babette DeLafayette Pendleton

Exhibition and Programming Associate

Babette DeLafayette Pendleton is the Corcoran's Exhibition and Programming Associate. In this role, she collaborates with school stakeholders to produce the school’s student exhibitions and central events such as exhibit openings, special lectures and the annual NEXT exhibition.
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Paul Reuther

Visual Resources Coordinator

Paul Reuther is the Visual Resources Coordinator. Paul is a painter, a teacher, and an image collections curator. Paul currently teaches Technical Art History (AH3170) and heads the Visual Resources Center in the Art History Program.
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David Ross

Instructional Lab Associate, Digital Fabrication

David Ross is an artist who specializes in STEAM education. After obtaining his MFA at American University, David worked for a variety of Makerspaces including The Hirshhorn, US Embassy of Korea, Temple University, and several libraries. Read More  

Naomi Rothwell

Communications Director

Naomi Rothwell is the Director of Communications. Naomi is a communications and nonprofit leader with more than 15 years' experience at nonprofit institutions, corporations and advocacy campaigns.
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Carey Stipe Lavallee

Fiscal Operations Manager

Carey Stipe Lavallee is the Fiscal Operations Manager. Carey has been with GW since fall of 2012, first with the Music Department as their Operations Manager, and then with the Corcoran since fall 2017.
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Emily Vallozzi

Instructional Costume Lab Associate for Theatre & Dance

Emily Vallozzi is a Washington D.C.-based costume designer, wardrobe stylist, and seamstress who has been working in the field since graduating from Point Park University in 2007 with a BFA in Technical Theatre and Design. Read More