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We are a community of thousands dedicated to not only advancing ideas and aspirations, but also the fulfillment of each individual at the George Washington University (GW).

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You can find student jobs within the school and from outside employers on our Student Opportunities page.

In addition, Shaunda Thompson is GW's Industry Coach for U.S. Politics, Social Impact, Education, Arts & Communication. She is able to help with things like job search strategy and resume writing. You can set up appointments with Shaunda by going to Handshake > Career Center > Appointments > Schedule a New Appointment > Industry Appointments > U.S. Politics, Social Impact, Education, Arts and Communication

Shaunda has over a decade of experience in higher education at the community college and four year institution levels as a career coach, academic advisor, academic support center director and adjunct professor.

You can also set up an appointment by going to Industry Appointments > Fine Arts, Design, Media, Communications, & Public Relations.

Handshake is a wonderful online job board containing all listed jobs, internships, events, and interviews. On Handshake, we have hundreds of articles on every aspect of the job search, from informational interviewing to the interview itself, and many more in between.

We have created special guides during this time of COVID-19, with several resources that will help you, especially at this moment, including a list of all of our virtual resources (Linkedin Learning, InterviewStream, etc.), a guide on etiquette for virtual interviews, and an FAQ page with answers from our career coaches to common questions we have received from students regarding their career search.

Find jobs big and small on QuadJobs

QuadJobs serves as a central job portal for GW students who want to connect with individuals and businesses looking to recruit for temporary jobs (e.g., babysitting, dog walking, house sitting, etc.,) or other part-time help. Build a profile, telling employers a bit about yourself and find short-term jobs to fit your schedule!