How to Register

Access the GWeb Information System and select the GWeb Information System link from the top left column of the page.

(To login, you will need to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN); by default, this is your date of birth in one of the following formats: MMDDYY or MMYY99. The system will list the personal information we have for you, such as billing address and contact information, and will indicate any holds on your record that might prevent you from registering.)

View appropriate sections of the University Bulletin and the Schedule of Classes (see attached fall 2020 course schedule).  Academic policies, course descriptions, degree requirements, fee information, and financial regulations are provided in the University Bulletin at

Class schedules for the upcoming semester are available at:

Id=CMST – (Corcoran School of the Arts and Design)

Id=CMST - (Off Campus)

4. Register for classes. You must register for classes on the GWeb Information System at Go to Student Records and Registration Menu, Registration Menu, Look-Up Class To Add.

5. Once you have registered for classes, an invoice will be mailed to you specifying your payment due date. Review the materials carefully, and note your due date. You must return the top portion of the invoice to the address on the form to confirm your registration, even if no payment is due. Please note that payment is usually due before the first day of the semester or summer session, or by the first day of class for courses offered in a timeline other than the traditional semester or summer session.