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Lauren Onkey

Lauren Onkey is the new director of Columbian College's Corcoran School of the Arts and Design as of July, 2021. Dr. Onkey brings to the Corcoran two decades of hands-on experience in the arts and cultural studies, paired with considerable scholarly achievement in her field. She most recently has served as the Senior Director at NPR Music, where she led a team of journalists, critics, videographers, and podcast makers and provided the editorial vision in creating innovative cross-platform music journalism. With her innovative vision and commitment to exploring opportunities for creative and cultural partnerships, Dr. Onkey will be a tremendous asset to the Corcoran’s students and faculty.

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Laura Schiavo

Laura Schiavo is the Deputy Director, Corcoran; Associate Professor & Graduate Advisor and Faculty Advisor Museum Studies Program. Before joining the Museum Studies faculty in 2009, Professor Schiavo, Ph.D. worked in museums in the DC area, including the City Museum, Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, and the National Building Museum, where she curated Designing Tomorrow: America’s World’s Fairs of the 1930s. Professor Schiavo is currently working on an initiative to address the vital issue of the role of Museum Studies programs in the lack of racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity in the museum profession.

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Kevin Patton

Kevin Patton

Interim Program Head of Design; Assistant Professor, Interaction Design