Upcoming Auditions


Performance is at the heart of the programs of Music, Theatre and Dance — and sometimes even beyond. Our students in these programs have opportunities to perform with professionals in and outside of the Corcoran to further expand experiences. From roles on-stage and off, you have the chance to share performances and stories with audiences around campus. 

All GW students are invited to take dance, music and theatre classes and audition for music ensembles, plays and performances. Check out dates and more information about auditions.


Performance is a key area of study in our Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program. However, many students at GW, both enrolled in the program and not, find opportunities to participate and perform for audiences across campus.









Interested in joining an ensemble, taking lessons, or taking CMUS 1106: Intro to Music Performance?

All Students interested in the following Ensembles can self-enroll for 1 credit!

University Singers
Hip Hop Ensemble
Jazz Ensembles / Latin Band
Chamber Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Symphonic Band

If you've performed with the Orchestra or Wind Ensemble previously and been approved for self-enrollment, you will ALSO be able to self-register for 1-credit of both of these ensembles!

If you need to register for 0 credits for any ensemble, due to being a part time student, graduate student, or if you do not have room in your schedule for an additional credit, please fill out the Ensemble Registration Form. Be sure to include a comment explaining why you need to register for 0 credits; students with room in their schedules will be asked to self-enroll for 1 credit unless an explanation is given. 

The Google Form can also be used if you have a time conflict to override the registration restrictions in banner - include that information in the comments as well to explain why you need to use the form, rather than self-registering on banner. 

Lessons are only offered to Music minors and majors and are either half an hour (one credit) or an hour (two credits). Click here to register. 

If you are interested in taking lessons, but not sure about declaring a minor, CMUS 1106:  Intro to Music Performance may be right for you! You can find out more about this course and others at this link.

Music Ensemble Registration