Corcoran Academic Committee

What is the Corcoran Academic Committee?

The Corcoran Academic Committee serves schoolwide leadership and faculty in an advisory capacity and as a resource for curricular affairs. It also serves as the interdisciplinary body through which curricula across the Corcoran are aligned and interconnected.

Below is some basic information about the committee. Corcoran faculty and staff members can have access to more detailed information, including the committee’s monthly agendas, resource folders, and other information. To get involved or to get information about the Committee, please reach out to current co-chairs, Heather Stebbins and Andrea Dietz, at [email protected].

How often does the committee meet?

We generally meet once a month, though at particularly busy times may meet more frequently. Check back for upcoming dates.

How far in advance do I need to send my materials?

Proposals for new programs and courses, as well as significant curricular revisions, must be initiated by the Program Head, who should send content simultaneously to the Corcoran Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and the current Academic Committee Chairs. For a more detailed outline of the required documentation and submission process, Corcoran Faculty and Staff should consult the Academic Committee's resource pages.

Please send any proposal documents to Co-Chairs, Heather Stebbins and Andrea Dietz, at [email protected], and cc Deputy Director Mary Coughlin at [email protected], prior to one of the above meeting dates. A representative from your program should be present at the meeting to present, discuss or receive feedback.

CORX Proposals

The Academic Committee is now accepting proposals for CORX Interdisciplinary courses at both the foundational level (CORX 1900 Topics in Art, Design, Performance, and Culture) or more advanced level for both undergraduate and graduate students (CORX 3900/6900 Special Topics in Art, Design, Performance, and Culture). Please submit via the Google Form prior to an Academic Committee meeting date so the Committee may review. 

Who is on the academic committee?

Academic committee 2024–2025