Current Students

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The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is dedicated to the artistic development and academic success of our students. As we continue to grow in our relationship with George Washington University (GW), new resources and access to a wide range of services and support are available to help current students with their creative pursuits, academic endeavors and careers.

Corcoran Transition


Students who matriculated before or during the transition of the Corcoran College into GW’s Corcoran School will continue their studies under the same or substantially similar curricular and academic requirements as those in place when they first started. Click here for current course offerings. 

Any questions about curriculum and degree requirements can be addressed by Kym Rice, assistant director of academic affairs, or Amanda Kleinman, academic advisor for Columbian College/Corcoran School students.


Current Corcoran students who began their graduate studies before or during the transition of the Corcoran College to GW’s Corcoran School will complete their degree programs under the same or substantially similar curricular and academic requirements that were in place when they first matriculated. These commitments will be maintained through spring 2017 for graduate students. Click here for current course offerings.

Corcoran School graduate students are positioned to achieve their creative ambitions. Program heads can answer any questions about graduate studies that are not addressed in the Frequent Asked Questions below. General inquiries about topics like financial aid and advising can be directed to the Columbian College's Office of Graduate Studies.


Are students allowed 24/7 studio access to the Corcoran School Building?

The GWorld card reader on the E Street entrance of the Corcoran building has been installed and activated. This will allow Corcoran students to access the building at E Street from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you are in the building prior to 11:00 p.m., you may remain in the building if you choose to do so. For access to control readers located in other areas of the building, continue to use your Corcoran ID card until we transition the entire building to the GWorld card system.

How can I find out about study abroad?

Corcoran School students can work with the GW Office of Study Abroad to learn about international academic opportunities.

How can I get career-related guidance/advice?

GW has both in-person and online career resources available through the Center for Career Services, located in Colonial Crossroads on the Marvin Center 5th floor. The office is led by Assistant Provost Rachel Brown and is part of the university-wide career enhancement effort. GW offers online career-development resources as well as in-person consultation. You can use the web-based career development resources, view job openings on GWork, receive customized career counseling and resume review, or attend a job fair or educational sessions held throughout the year.

How can I find a part-time on-campus or FWS position?

  • All student positions are posted on GWork. All full-time students will automatically receive their login information through their GW email address. Please contact GWork Help with any questions.  
  • The Student Employment team in the Center for Career Services manages the hiring process for GW student employees. To learn more about student employment, visit the Center for Career Services' website, contact them at 202-994-8046 and [email protected], or visit them at Colonial Crossroads (5th floor of the Marvin Center).

What are my rights and responsibilities as a GW student?

Where can I find information about classes and academic requirements?

For questions about classes and requirements, consult the Office of the Registrar's schedule of courses for each program or find detailed class descriptions and major requirements in the GW Bulletin.

Is there a shuttle service at the Corcoran School building?

GW offers a free shuttle service between Foggy Bottom and the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, VA. The Vern Express (MVC) shuttle stops three blocks from the Corcoran's Flagg Building at the American Red Cross (located at 2025 E Street, NW) en route from the Mount Vernon Campus to Funger Hall (2201 G Street, NW). The MVC operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week during the academic year. Visit the Transportation and Parking Services website for additional information.

Will GW’s Arts and Design programs that currently exist outside of the Corcoran be integrated within the school?

Yes, in an effort to enhance and strengthen the Corcoran legacy, plans call for the eventual integration of the university’s programs in the visual and performing arts, design, art history and museum studies under the Corcoran umbrella. While some programs—such as music, theatre and dance—would not be housed at the Corcoran building, the university looks forward to continuing to integrate performance and exhibition space between the Corcoran and the Foggy Bottom campus.

Will the NEXT Student Thesis Exhibition continue?

Yes, the university is committed to sustaining this important annual showcase of student talent and creativity. All aspects of the exhibit—including protocols regarding security, insurance, gallery space and publicity—will be executed as necessary.  For more information, visit our NEXT page.

How can students remain informed about what’s going on within the university?

There are various outlets students can turn to for information on news, events and services within the Corcoran School and the university at large, including the Corcoran School website. The Corcoran School also has a very active social media network in which we invite you to participate (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). In addition, watch your mailboxes for regular updates from GWToday, the Columbian College e-magazine, and the Columbian College Digest of Dates and Deadlines. Click on the following links for additional sources of information:

*In addition to their services, the Division of Student Affairs also produces the GWWeekly for all students; the Graduate, Distance and Professional Students e-newsletter for graduate students; and the Freshman 15 e-newsletter for first-year students. If you are not receiving these, please send an email to [email protected]