Student Org

Student Orgs

Student organizations are student led groups that bring people together based on mutual interests. Get involved with a student organization that meets your interests and can introduce you to like minded individuals with mutual interest in the arts!

Corcoran Students of Color

Current students are welcome to join a student-led group, Corcoran Students of Color (CSOC).

If you have any questions about the collective, please feel free to email CSOC's faculty advisor, James Sham at [email protected].

Founded in 2019, Corcoran Students of Color is a student-run collective to nurture the community of BIPOC student artists from every discipline to give them a place to commiserate, collaborate, and critique. In doing this, your artistry will be nurtured and elevated from a perspective different from what you typically receive in class. This group, open to undergraduates, graduate students, majors and minors, is meant to be a support system for artists, performers and scholars of color.