Careers & Internships

Our programs at the Corcoran School provide you the knowledge you need to grow as a professional artist. It is also important you understand the competitive creative landscape. At GW, we provide dedicated services, people and knowledge to help you put your artistic experience in context and take the next step in a successful career. Our Center for Career Services helps you translate your visual work into an articulation of career competencies and to apply creative thinking skills into traditional and non-traditional work environments. Most importantly, you'll learn to strategize how to be in a career that fuels your calling and creates time for exploring your passions.

In addition, Kari Scott, MFA (she/her) is the Industry Coach, Arts, Media, Communications, and Humanities at the Center for Career Services. She is at 202.994.2902 and [email protected] or via Handshake. She is able to help students with things like job search strategy and resume writing.

You can also set up an appointment by going to Industry Appointments > Fine Arts, Design, Media, Communications, & Public Relations.

Handshake is a wonderful online job board containing all listed jobs, internships, events, and interviews. On Handshake, we have hundreds of articles on every aspect of the job search, from informational interviewing to the interview itself, and many more in between.


Center for Career Services  

There are many resources available to you at the Center for Career Services including: 

  • Strength assessments 
  • Industry coaching 
  • Industry networking 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Portfolio reviews 

Career Services also provides office hours, brings in professional organizations, organizes site visits at employer offices, hosts career fairs and sponsors Career Quest trips


GW uses Handshake to manage career and internship opportunities, which you can use to discover and favorite jobs, and receive personal recommendations. You can find best practices and tips for the industry you want to enter and find career-related events held at the university. 

How can students secure freelance work?

We know that students who are young professionals may want resources for contract templates or information on how to protect their work. Here are a few resources to help guide you as you get started:

And, ask your professors who are professional practitioners for advice.