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Our 10,000 alumni of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design are a global, creative network that contributes greatly to our school and the Corcoran community. Our graduates help current students and fellow alumni with a collaborative approach to practice, career development and job searches.

They regularly attend events and connect with each other. With partners across the university, we also work to continue to provide support to our alumni across the globe.


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As soon as you graduate, you are welcome to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to you as an alumni. The Office of Alumni Relations leads the university’s efforts to strengthen and promote an invested alumni community that inspires lifelong loyalty, engaging alumni located around the world by:

  • offering tools to connect and network
  • developing benefits and services
  • creating programs and events
  • providing opportunities to volunteer and give
  • sharing news and information

To ensure you are receiving the latest news, event invitations and volunteer opportunities, please make sure your contact information is up to date.

Office of Alumni Relations 

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There are many opportunities to get involved and volunteer wherever you live, work or travel. Whether you are looking to engage fellow alumni, connect with students, or volunteer with GW and the Corcoran School in your community, we have an opportunity for you. Learn about the variety of ways that you can get involved and find rewarding activities that meet your interests, experience and schedule.

Once you submit the form you will receive a response within a few weeks to discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities.


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Gallery 102: Share your expertise or field of study with our committee of students and interns at Gallery 102, the student-run gallery. It can be formal presentations, informal Q&A, meet and greets, etc. Email [email protected] to learn more.


Corcoran Jobs: Share jobs and internships with Corcoran students. In addition to posting your opportunity on Handshake, email them to [email protected]. During the academic year, the school will share them with students via email and on the Corcoran website.


Alumni Awards: Volunteer to help vote on alumni awards given out during the NEXT end-of-year exhibition and events. Email Naomi Rothwell at [email protected] for more information. This is typically an event in May of each year.


Instagram: Volunteer to be featured on Instagram! Our students love to see your work and hear from you. The communications team and current students can help you write the posts. Email Naomi Rothwell at [email protected] to share your story.


Share your stories with students: Speak with prospective and admitted graduate students about your experience in your GW Corcoran program and your career! For information about upcoming opportunities (virtual and on-campus) and how to participate, contact [email protected].


Decorative Arts & Design History: Volunteer to participate in the next spring Decorative Arts & Design History alumni panel, which brings together graduates from the program, both near and far, to speak to current students about their current projects, career counseling, and more! Email our program administrator at [email protected] to learn more.

Volunteer to host Decorative Arts & Design History MA students for a tour or lecture (virtual or otherwise!) at your organization. Email our program administrator at [email protected] to share your ideas and learn about potential connections to current course offerings.

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Our alumni have found success in a range of careers across the country and around the globe. As practicing artists in studios, galleries, museums, agencies, corporations and for themselves, they have used their skills and knowledge learned, the connections made, and their experiences to accomplish their goals and continue creative growth.



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