GW Museum Studies Program Nonprofit Management Certificate Option

version August 2021

The GW Museum Studies Program offers an optional certificate in Nonprofit Management from GW’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration for management-track students. Students who are eligible and accepted have an opportunity to graduate with both an MA in Museum Studies and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Eligibility and Application: Master’s candidates in the Museum Studies Program who select museum management as a concentration; department approval is required. In order to pursue the nonprofit management certificate, students must also meet the admission standards for a Masters degree in the Trachtenberg School and be accepted into the certificate program. Apply to the Trachtenberg School by October 1 of your second year for graduation in May or summer. If graduating in winter, apply the previous spring.

Graduation Requirements: Students must complete five Museum Management courses in the Museum Studies Program and four courses in the Nonprofit Management program in the Trachtenberg School (see course lists below). Museum Studies students must also complete the general graduation requirements of the Museum Studies Program including the course on museum ethics and values, a museum internship, writing requirement, and comprehensive exam. A plan of study will be completed during the first semester.

Museum Management Courses (12 credits/4 courses required)

Subject to change; confirm the requirements with the Museum Studies Program office.

Required Courses (3 courses, 9 credits):

CMST 6101   Introduction to Museum Management

CMST 6102   Nonprofit Fiscal Management

CMST 6104   Managing People and Managing Projects


Elective Courses (any two of the following; 2 courses, 6 credits):

CMST 6105   Museum Fundraising (alternating years)

CMST 6106   Museum Marketing

CMST 6109   Museum Governance (alternating years)

These courses are typically offered throughout the academic year and there may be substitutions for other Museum Studies management courses based on your program of study approved by your advisor.

Trachtenberg School Requirements (12 credits/4 courses required)

Subject to change; confirm the requirements at

Required Courses (2 courses, 6 credits):

  • PPPA 6031 Governing and Managing Nonprofit Organizations and one of the following:
  • PPPA 6032 Managing Fund Raising and Philanthropy
  • PPPA 6033 Nonprofit Enterprise


Elective Courses, Trachtenberg School

(Students must choose AT LEAST one of the following courses, 3 credits, and may select 2 of the following courses, 6 credits):

  • PPPA 6016   Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
  • PPPA 6032   Managing Fund Raising and Philanthropy (If not taken as a required course)
  • PPPA 6033   Nonprofit Enterprise (If not taken as a required course)
  • PPPA 6034   Managing Nonprofit Boards
  • PPPA 6053   Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • PPPA 6055   Contracting Out and Public-Private Partnerships
  • PPPA 6058   International Development and NGO Management
  • PPPA 6062   Community Development Policy and Management
  • PPPA 6063   Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact Investing
  • PPPA 6085   Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organizations


Elective Courses, Other GW Schools

(Students may choose 1 course, 3 credits from the following list):

  • ACCY 6701 Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing
  • SMPA 6270 Advocacy
  • PUBH 6054 Community Engagement and Advocacy
  • MGMT 4900 Social Entrepreneurship that Matters
  • PMGT 6414 Lobbying


In addition to those listed, with the permission of the faculty advisor, students may supplement or substitute elective courses with other relevant courses in related disciplines.

For more details, contact Max van Balgooy, Assistant Professor, Museum Studies Program at [email protected] or 202-994-7146 or Michael Worth, Program Director and Professor of Nonprofit Management in the Trachtenberg School.