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Faculty members at the Corcoran School are leading experts in art and design with ties to the most prestigious museums and art institutions in the world. They are dedicated educators who are also practicing artists plugged into Washington, D.C.'s vibrant international art scene. Students benefit not only from our faculty's extraordinary expertise and experience, but also from their connections and access to many of the world's great collections of art treasures.

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Administrators and Main Faculty Contacts

(By Program Area)

Program heads

CLASSICAL ACTING: Alec Wild [email protected]

ART HISTORY: Barbara von Barghahn [email protected]


INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: Stephanie Travis [email protected]

MUSEUM STUDIES: Suse Anderson [email protected]

MUSIC: Loren Kajikawa [email protected]


THEATRE & DANCE: Holly Dugan [email protected]


Faculty advisors


- Undergraduate: Alexander Dumbadze [email protected]

- Graduate: Mika Natif [email protected]

CORCORAN INTERDISCIPLINARY (CORX Courses): Jodi Kanter [email protected]

DANCE: Maida Withers [email protected]

DUAL BA IN FINE ART AND ART HISTORY: Allyson Vieira [email protected]

EXHIBITION DESIGN: Andrea Hunter Dietz [email protected]


- Graduate: James Sham [email protected]

- Undergraduate: Allyson Vieira [email protected]

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Aasawari Kulkarni [email protected]


- Undergraduate and Graduate: Kevin Patton [email protected]


- Undergraduate: Melina Misri [email protected]

- Graduate MA: Douglas Crawford [email protected]

- Graduate MFA: Catherine Anderson [email protected]

MUSIC: Eugene Montague [email protected]


- Suse Anderson [email protected]

- Laura Schiavo [email protected]

- Max van Balgooy [email protected]

- Schillica Howard [email protected]

- Mary Coughlin (Online Certificate Program in Collections Care) [email protected]


- Undergraduate (Photojournalism/Minor in Photography): Matt Eich [email protected]

- Graduate (New Media Photojournalism): Susan Sterner [email protected]

SOCIAL PRACTICE: Graduate: James Sham [email protected]


- Carl Gudenius [email protected]
- Graduate (Classical Acting): Alec Wild [email protected]



Faculty Search By Program Area

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Art History

Undergraduate / Graduate Art History


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Undergraduate Graphic Design
Undergraduate / Graduate Interaction Design
Graduate Exhibition Design

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Interior Architecture

Undergraduate Interior Architecture /
Graduate Interior Architecture

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Museum Studies

Graduate Museum Studies

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Undergraduate Music

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Studio Arts

Undergraduate Fine Art
Undergraduate Photojournalism
Graduate Fine Art
Graduate New Media Photojournalism
Graduate Social Practice

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Theatre and Dance

Undergraduate Theatre
Undergraduate Dance
Graduate Classical Acting


Corcoran Faculty PUBLISHED WORKS

Studio Arts

Matt Eich - Seven Cities

Allyson Vieira - On the Rock

Kerry McAleer-Keeler - Boiling Points (art book - self printed) - Recently shown in Holding Ground: Artists’ Books for the National Museum of Women in the Arts (Oct 21, 2023 - Oct 20, 2024 • Tues-Sun, 10am-5pm) - National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA), 1250 New York Ave NW

Interior Architecture

Stephanie Travis - Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Stephanie Travis & Catherine Anderson - 25 Concepts in Modern Architecture


Museum Studies

Suse Anderson - The Digital Future of Museums Conversations and Provocation

Max van Balgooy - Interpreting African American History and Culture at Museums and Historic Sites

Laura Schiavo (not out yet) - U.S. Museum Histories and the Politics of Interpretation


Music Books

Lauren Onkey - Blackness and Transatlantic Irish Identity Celtic Soul Brothers

Contributors to Volumes:
Loren Kajikawa - Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines

Loren Kajikawa - Sounding Together: Collaborative Perspectives on U.S. Music in the 21st Century

Lauren Onkey - Kick Out the Jams

Published Music

Douglas Boyce - https://www.newfocusrecordings.com/catalogue/?artists=7666#douglas-boyce

Heather Stebbins - zeromoon.bandcamp.com/album/new-forms-old-selves



Dana Tai Soon Burgess - Chino and the Dance of the Butterfly: A Memoir

Jodi Kanter - Presidential Libraries as Performance: Curating American Character from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush (Theater in the Americas), Performing Loss: Rebuilding Community through Theater and Writing



Art History

Bibiana Obler - Fast Fashion/ Slow Art

Alexander Dumbadze - Bas Jan Ader: Death Is Elsewhere

Alexander Dumbadze - Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present

Lisa Lipinksi - René Magritte and the Art of Thinking

Mika Natif - Mughal Occidentalism Artistic Encounters between Europe and Asia at the Courts of India, 1580-1630

Bibiana Obler - Essay (“Not Your Grandmother's Labor”) within Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction