Theatre Faculty

Moimusa Ahmadu

Conditioning Coach

Moimusa Ahmadu is the sole proprietor of Guts Pilates and Sports Medicine. He is also currently the Assistant Athletic Trainer in the SportsMedicine Department at The Landon School for Boys.Read More  

Tonya Beckman

Part-Time Professor of Theatre- Acting, Theatre & Dance Program

Tonya Beckman is an AEA/SAG-AFTRA actor and dialect coach.
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Abby Bender

Instructional Technologist, Scene Shop

Abby Bender is the Instructional Technologist for the Scene Shop. Abby grew up in Shippensburg, PA and started working at her local performing arts center in high school.
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Carl Gudenius

Program Head, Theatre and Dance Professor, Production Design

Carl Gudenius is the Program Head of Theatre & Dance. In addition to teaching scenic and lighting design at GW and directing its Graduate Production Design Program, Professor Gudenius is an active professional designer.
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Jennifer Hopkins

Visiting Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Jennifer J. Hopkins is a performing artist who spends her free time teaching fitness.
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Yesenia Iglesias

Adjunct Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Yesenia Iglesias is a DC-based actor, educator, and writer originally from Bayamón, Puerto Rico.
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Sigridur Johannesdottir

Associate Professor of Costume Design & Technology, Theatre & Dance Program

Sigridur is a costume designer who specializes and focuses her teaching on reproducing historical costumes based on research as well as dance costumes. She is the resident costume designer for Washington Stage Guild (DC), Ambassador Theatre (DC), and MetroStage in Alexandria VA.
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Jodi I. Kanter

Professor, Theatre

As a scholar, she has been trained to apply the theoretical lens of performance to everyday practices and so, while her methodology is consistent, the subjects of her work vary wildly—from, for example, end of life health care to contemporary dramatic literature to the American Presidency. Read More  

Dalton Lamberth

Academic Program Administrator for Theatre & Dance

Dalton Lamberth is a management professional and an avid lover of the arts and culture scene. He believes in providing a positive, practical, and productive environment in his work life and to those around him.
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Bill Largess

Adjunct Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Bill Largess has been a theatre artist in the Washington area for over 40 years. He is a founding member of The Washington Stage Guild, a professional theatre in downtown DC and has been artistic director since 2008. Read More  

Allyson Currin Stokes

Regular Part-Time Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Professor Stokes is the writer of numerous original plays, which have premiered on stages around the country such as, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Signature Theatre, Mosaic Theater of DC, WSC Avant Bard and many others.

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John Traub

Assistant Professor, Production Management & Technology

John is currently the Assistant Professor of Production Management & Technology at the George Washington University, where he teaches numerous classes in Production Design and serves as the Technical Director for the Corcoran Theatre & Dance Program. He also works as a subject matter expert in Arts Management, Production Design and fabrication for a large variety of clients throughout the East Coast. Read More  

Emily Vallozzi

Instructional Costume Lab Associate for Theatre & Dance

Emily Vallozzi is a Washington D.C.-based costume designer, wardrobe stylist, and seamstress who has been working in the field since graduating from Point Park University in 2007 with a BFA in Technical Theatre and Design. Read More  

Tanya Wetenhall

Assistant Professor, Design History

Tanya Wetenhall teaches costume and textiles as material and visual culture. With a focus on object-based teaching and learning, her courses encompass fashion and costume history, fashion in art, world dress practices and the cultural histories of the theatre and ballet design. Read More  

Emily Whittaker

Emily Whittaker is the Program Coordinator for Classical Acting, a one-year Master of Fine Arts program offered through the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

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Sidney Monroe Williams

Assistant Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Sidney Monroe Williams (they/them) is a community-based theatre artist whose work is situated at the intersections of race, gender and class. Through creative strategies, Sidney facilitates art-making and conversations with communities to spark dialogue, raise visibility and celebrate marginalized bodies.
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Jaysen Wright

Adjunct Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Jaysen Wright is an actor, director, and teaching artist based in his hometown of Washington, DC. He is the Director of Breaking Ground, an organization for LGBTQI+ people of color in the DMV that provides community and support while also creating an original, devised work that explores themes of sexuality, racism, transphobia, physical abuse, mental health, substance abuse, and living with HIV/AIDS through music, dance, spoken word, and theater.
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Travis Xavier

Adjunct Professor of Theatre, Theatre & Dance Program

Travis Xavier, is an actor and hip hop artist. Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Tampa, FL.

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