Dance Faculty

photo of robert baker

Robert Baker

Robert Baker is a singer who has performed with the Metropolitan Opera, the Washington National Opera, the National Symphony, and with choral organizations across the country. In addition to teaching voice lessons and in the classroom, he is the current Program Head for Music.
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Abby Bender

Abby Bender grew up in Shippensburg, PA and started working at her local performing arts center in high school.
photo of mary buckley

Mary Buckley

Mary Buckley is Associate Professor of Dance and Director of the EJS Women’s Leadership Program at George Washington University.
Photo of Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Dana Tai Soon Burgess's work has tended to focus on the "hyphenated person" - someone who is of mixed ethnic or cultural heritage - as well as issues of belonging and societal acceptance.
Laurel Gray

Laurel Gray

Internationally recognized dance scholar, choreographer, performer, and costume designer, Laurel Victoria Gray specializes in women’s dances from Silk Road cultures and the Islamic World.
Carl Gudenius

Carl Gudenius

In addition to teaching scenic and lighting design at GW and directing its Graduate Production Design Program, Professor Gudenius is an active professional designer.
Photo of Professor Sigridur

Sigridur Johannesdottir

Sigridur is a costume designer who specializes and focuses her teaching on reproducing historical costumes based on research as well as dance costumes.
Sarah Beth Oppenheim

Beth Oppenheim

Sarah Beth Oppenheim hails from the Wild Wild West where she never could cut on the dotted black line, so she read Steinbeck and became a modern dancer instead.
Erica Rebollar

Erica Rebollar

Erica Rebollar was born in Madrid, began studies at Washington School of Ballet, and completed her BFA in dance at Cornish College of the Arts and MFA in dance at UCLA. As an undergraduate student, she received ACDA’s national award in choreography. With the founding of RebollarDance in 2003, Erica Rebollar created a modern dance collaborative where multi-genre artists can make innovative work.
headshot of giselle ruzany

Giselle Ruzany

Giselle Ruzany MA DTR LPC has been an artist and dancer for most of her life, performing internationally and collaborating with different artists around the USA.
Adalia Vera Tonneyck

Adalia Vera Tonneyck

Adalia Vera Tonneyck is the Instructional Technologist for the Costume Studio.
photo of John Traub

John Traub

John Traub currently serves as the Assistant Professor of Production Management and Technology at The George Washington University, Program of Theatre & Dance.
photo of Maida Withers

Maida Withers

Maida Withers was born in Kanab, Utah and was able to define her career with early experiences with legendary artists including Mary Wigman and Folkwangschule (Germany), Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Erick Hawkins, Anna Halprin, Welland Lathrop, Hanya Holm, and, most importantly, John Cage.