Joey Enriquez

portrait of Joey Enriquez

Joey Enriquez

Professorial Lecturer, Fine Arts


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Based in Washington, D.C., Joey Enriquez makes sculptural work and printmaking. Originally a graphic designer from Southern California, they transitioned from design to art in 2017 to explore a more interdisciplinary creative practice. Their most recent exhibition, the first year Hamiltonian Fellows group exhibition, consisted of clay monotype prints that appropriate imagery and text from their grandmother's photo albums along with clay and soil prints made while running and biking along the Potomac River; they unearth family narratives of memory loss and location as well as reveal sites of entropy and inadvertent human encroachment in open spaces. Their other work consists of sculpture and digital renderings about location, movement through space, and passage of time.

Enriquez earned their B.A. in Art–Design from California Lutheran University in 2018 and her M.F.A. in Fine Arts at the George Washington University in 2020. They are currently a Fellow with Hamiltonian Artists in the 2020–2022 cohort.