Facilities and Building Hours

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The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at The George Washington University is located in downtown Washington, D.C.. With facilities in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood and beyond, the Corcoran enables students to develop and showcase their creative talent in the heart of Washington, one of America's most active professional arts cities, and the home to many of the world's foremost museums. Across the Corcoran's unique buildings and spaces, students can access resources including a costume design studio, ceramics studio, woodworking, metal working, 3D printers, laser cutters, a CNC router, darkrooms, computer labs, and more.

Interior Architecture, Studio Arts, Design

Flagg Building
500 17th St NW
Building hours 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 9am-9pm (Saturday-Sunday)

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Theatre & Dance

To reserve any of the following spaces, please email [email protected] or [email protected]Building J Down, Building J UpBuilding XX Room 202 (Theatre), Leggette RoomMarvin Center Dance Studio.

Building XX
814 20th Street
Building hours 7a-Midnight (with GWorld)

Marvin Center Betts Theatre
800 21st St. NW
Building hours 7a-2a (Sunday-Saturday)

Scenic Lab
3301 Pennsy Drive
Landover MD 20785

Building J (Dance Studio)
2131 G Street NW

(only open during classes - please refer to class schedule)

Samson Hall
2036 H St NW
Building hours 7a-Midnight (with GWorld)


Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Building hours 7a-11p (Sunday-Saturday)

Museum Studies

Samson Hall
2036 H St NW
( re-opening in Spring 2018)

Studio Arts, Art History

Smith Hall of Art
801 22nd St, NW
Building hours 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

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Campus Building Hours

To establish a consistent, clear and transparent operating schedule for Foggy Bottom campus and the Corcoran School buildings, the Division of Operations, in collaboration with the Provost’s Office, has developed a list of building hours for general access campus buildings.

These hours are the result of evaluating scheduled activities in the buildings, the type of spaces located in each building and the general building utilization. Building hours also take into account the university’s desire to ensure that adequate general purpose study space is available for students around the clock and that those who need specialized studio or lab spaces are able to work beyond public hours. Efforts were made to create a level of consistency across buildings, where possible. Finding the appropriate balance between building hours and utilization will both enhance the security of our buildings and assist George Washington University (GW) in reaching its sustainability goals to reduce off-hours energy usage by limiting electricity and HVAC operations.

The building hours will be reviewed each semester, taking into account any changes to campus operations, and any necessary updates will be made. For further information about building schedules, visit the Facilities Services website. A full list of buildings and their locations is available on GW's virtual tour.

Please note: Corcoran Hall (21st Street) is NOT the Corcoran School's Flagg Building (17th Street).

General Access Building Hours

Building Hours:  Academic & Administrative (last updated 08-25-18)

1776 G Street:  Main Entry via Exterior Door  requires GWorld card at all times

  • Weekdays general tap access 7:30am-10pm

1957 E Street: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Academic Center: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), Noon-10p (Sunday with GWorld)

Bell Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Corcoran Hall (21st Street): 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

District House (2121 H Street) - retail dining venues + meeting rooms & community space (not residential areas):

  • Public Access: 6a-10p
  • GWorld Cardholder access: 6a-2a

Duques Hall/Funger Hall: 7a-11p Monday-Friday, 8a-8p Saturday, 12p-9pm Sunday

Gelman Library: Please check Gelman Library site for most up to date hours

Hall of Government: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Law School Complex: 7a-6:30p (Sunday-Saturday, Law Students have access until 11:45p)

Lerner Health & Wellness Center: Please consult LHWC website to confirm

Lisner Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Marvin Center:  7a-2a (Sunday-Saturday)

Monroe Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

MPA: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Old Main: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Science and Engineering Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), 9a-6p (Sunday with GWorld)

Smith Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday) 

The Corcoran Building (17th Street): 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 9am-9pm (Saturday-Sunday)

Tompkins Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday) 

Building XX: 7a-Midnight (Sunday-Saturday with GWorld)

NOTE: These hours represent general building access hours.  Authorized/designated users will have additional access hours that will vary by building and program. For example, lab spaces in Science & Engineering Hall, studio access at The Corcoran Building and law student access to Law School buildings will be available to authorized students as designated by the appropriate program/department.