Design Faculty

Photo of Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson has worked at several architecture & interior design firms during her career and now dedicates her time to educating students on understanding architectural concepts. In 2013, Professor Anderson participated with some of the Interior Architecture Program's students in the United States Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Read More  

Lion with a hat

John Carmody

An experienced university professor, Carmody teaches interactive graphic design, communication, book arts, audio and video post-production & animation courses in diverse departments and academic disciplines.
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portrait of Erica Cusi Wortham

Erica Cusi Wortham

Dr. Erica Cusi Wortham is a cultural anthropologist with an interdisciplinary practice at GWU that spans engineering, social science, art and design.
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Elaine Daniel

Elaine Daniel

Elaine Daniel is a workforce developer with a background in service design and design leadership.
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Photo of Professor Andrea Hunter Dietz

Andrea Hunter Dietz

Andrea Dietz is an architect, curator, and writer. Her creative and scholarly practice is focused on “architecture(s) of and on display” – or the translation and exhibition of the built environment. Andrea has worked in architecture research and exhibition design with Bestor Architecture, Chu + Gooding Architects, and independently. Read More  

portrait of Joey Enriquez

Joey Enriquez

Professorial Lecturer, Sculpture, Fine Arts
Maria Habib

Maria Habib

Maria Habib is a multidisciplinary designer and educator. She is the founder of DesignMa, a creative practice prioritizing collaboration, experimentation, and play.
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Sohee Kim

Sohee Kim

Ms. Sohee Kim has contributed to brand value creation and management through environmental analysis for business growth, sophisticated brand strategy development and significant branding.
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photo of robert mcvearry

Robert McVearry

Robert McVearry has been an educator for 30 years. His professional background is in strategic marketing, brand messaging, and visual communication.
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photo of Jim Mole

Jim Mole

Jim Mole, a painter and sculptor by training, is a versatile, deeply knowledgeable Internet strategist and usability advocate with more than twenty-five years of experience in advertising, marketing, web design and development. Read More  

photo of Carmen montoya

Maria del Carmen Montoya

Maria del Carmen Montoya operates in the contested ground between art and social activism. Her primary medium is the communal process of making meaning. As an artist, she seeks ways to catalyze this natural social phenomenon with situations that insist on the power of human-scale intervention in the presumed inevitability of everyday life.
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image of Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco is a professional illustrator and graphic designer established on the East and West Coasts. His experience has given him the ability to think outside the box and offer a versatile approach to teaching and design in the government sector and movie industry, working with clients such as Disney and Warner Bros.
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photo of hyung park reading the paper

Hyung Park

Mr. Park has been a designer and an educator. His professional practice specializes in strategic branding and visual communication. Read More  

photo of Kevin Patton

Kevin Patton

Kevin Patton is an artist and speculative designer whose primary mode of making is through creating interactive systems. He is active in the fields of multimedia theatre, experimental music, collaborative design, and interactive art. Kevin is also a frequent collaborator in installation, network art, and performance art projects.
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Chloe Varelidi head shot

Chloe Varelidi

Chloe Varelidi is a product designer, educator and the founder of the design studio Humans Who Play. She is a graduate of the Design & Technology MFA program at Parsons, The New School for Design as well as an Eyebeam Art & Technology Resident Alumna. Read More