Kevin Patton

photo of Kevin Patton
Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies & Undergraduate Advisor, Interaction Design
Flagg Building, Rm. B150, 500 17th St. NW, Washington DC 20006
[email protected]


Kevin Patton is an artist and speculative designer whose primary mode of making is through creating interactive systems. He is active in the fields of multimedia theatre, experimental music, collaborative design, and interactive art. Kevin is also a frequent collaborator in installation, network art, and performance art projects.

The mutating boundaries between art and science, literature and critique, the explosion of media, and the sheer density of information provide an opportunity to reimagine binary distinctions into axes of interaction and points of access for a growing array of disciplines. These currents also bring forth a multiplicity of alternate realities that can alienate communities and collide in a barrage of muddled conversations. The human will to communicate must contend not only with the difficulties of personal articulation, but also, sometimes a lack of common vocabulary. Human Centered Design and Interactive Art can short circuit the disconnections that create this alterity because they connect at the level of physical sensation and/or utility. Contemporary interactive technologies are powerful tools of communication and connection that can relate media and information to the human scale problems of every-day life.



  • Invited Researcher at the Sorbonne, University of Paris IV, Spring 2009


Kevin’s scholarship includes presentations and writing about the contemporary practice of music and art forms that are deeply mediated by technology attempting to flesh out the theoretical implications towards agency, subjectivity, improvisation, and even circuit design where the interface is viewed as a temporal convergence of technology and agency, spirit and expression. A moment-of-now, if you will, that can be used to posit questions of not only automation and design but also ability and ethics.



Master of Music in Jazz Studies, University of North Texas
MA in Electronic Music & Multimedia Composition, Brown University
PhD in Electronic Music & Multimedia Composition, Brown University