Art History Faculty

photo of alexander dumbadze

Alexander Dumbadze

Alexander Dumbadze is Associate Professor of Art History.
Image of Professor Gillian Elliott

Gillian Elliott

Dr. Gillian B. Elliott is a historian of Medieval art focusing on the political context of Romanesque sculpture in the Holy Roman Empire, specifically in northern Italy and in Alsace, France.
Dr. Elise A. Friedland

Dr. Elise A. Friedland

Elise A. Friedland holds a BA in Classics from Williams College and an MA and PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan.
photo of philip jacks

Philip Jacks

Philip Jacks is a Professor in the Art History Program within the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design.
Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson is a DC-based arts writer, editor, and art historian.
Christiane Joost-Gaugier

Christiane Joost-Gaugier

Professor Joost-Gaugier earned her AB, AM, and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University. She was awarded an honorary PBK degree from Harvard University for Lifetime Achievement.
photo of lisa lipinski

Lisa Lipinski

Lisa Lipinski's teaching and research interests include modern and contemporary art and theoretical approaches to the visual arts, Surrealism and the art of René Magritte, the body in modern and contemporary art, and Abraham Lincoln’s influence on America art and culture.
Image of Professor Katherine Markoski

Katherine Markoski

Katherine Markoski is an art historian with a specialty in modern and contemporary art.

Lynn Matheny

Lynn Matheny

Dr. Matheny currently serves as Deputy Head and Associate Curator of Exhibition Programs at the National Gallery of Art.
photo of Cristin McKnight Sethi

Cristin McKnight Sethi

Professor McKnight Sethi is a curator and historian of South Asian art. Her research and teaching interests include textiles and folk art, the intersection of gender and practices of making, networks of circulation and exchange, the anthropology of art, and postcolonial theory.
photo of Mika Natif

Mika Natif

Dr. Mika Natif (Ph.D., New York University – Institute of Fine Arts, 2006) is a historian of Medieval art focusing on the intercultural exchanges and global connections that Muslim societies forged with the European sphere in the pre-Modern era.
hand drawn sketch of bibiana obler by student, Travis Beauchene

Bibiana Obler

Professor Obler's research and teaching interests include modern and contemporary art and craft from the late nineteenth century to the present, with emphases on twentieth-century avant-gardes, theories of gender and cross-cultural representation, photography, applied arts, and intellectual history.
photo of lilien robinson teaching in front of a projector screen

Lilien F. Robinson

Born in Slovenia, raised in Serbia and briefly in Switzerland, Professor Robinson's early education was in Serbian and French schools, and thereafter in Washington DC primary and secondary schools.
photo of barbara von barghahn

Barbara von Barghahn

Professor von Barghahn is Professor and Program Head of Art History. She teaches Northern Renaissance and Baroque art, Spanish and Portuguese art, colonial art of Latin America and Brazil.