Concurring Experiences: Together, Apart






"The History of Exhibitions"

Class by Dr. Lisa Lipinski, The Corcoran School of Art & Design 2020 

Photography curated from the Corcoran Study Collection for the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery


Curation & Research by Emmy Eggerman, Saskia Giramma, Mike Guy, Heather Herbstritt,

Andrew Kastner, Hannah Kim, Danielle Lane, Shengyuan Liu, Alisoun Meehan, Nora Neely, Megan Storkan


Project Management, Art Direction, Web Design by Nora Neely

Programming, Marketing by Mike Guy

Edited by Olivia Kohler-Maga


Who Are We? 

We are a group of 12 designers, scholars, meeting online, wearing nice tops and pajama bottoms, creating an exhibition from home. We are a collective that has never really met. We are collaborators in very different places. Most of us are in Washington, DC, where our school, the Corcoran School of Art and Design, is located, and few of us are in other time zones -- as far as South Korea! We are looking for ways to come together in the face of change. Together we have conversations about the traditional ‘white cube’, the ideologies that make up the traditional gallery space. We question the current moment and address the necessity and urgency of change. The year was 2020. We have reached a fork in the road. 

Looking to exhibitions of the past, collections of old photographs, moments frozen in time before us, we understand that every photograph has been framed particularly, each containing narratives, simultaneously pre-determined and open for interpretation. This is the constant experience of life. This recollection of photographs is told with a contemporary perspective. 

We selected 27 works from the Corcoran Study Collection based on an exploration of the themes of isolation, social, and hope. The product of this exploration is presented in eight distinct groups, each one a step in an evocative journey that parallels the universal experiences of life. We want this exhibition to communicate as a place of reflection and dialogue. This exhibition will be one of the first held in the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery, Corcoran Flagg Building in a post-2020 world.


Abbreviated Exhibition Thesis:

"We sit in awe of the spirit of place, of intention, realizing we are not separate from but deeply rooted within our environment, our community, our culture, our world. We acknowledge the different contexts from which we come from. We are learning to listen to each other, to help each other grow, to seek out and uplift one another’s voices and look through one another’s lens, to share opportunities. We are learning to give these platforms a life, a story that changes when met with its teller, away from the confinement of structure. We acknowledge this space as an opportunity to learn about new worlds within worlds, within communities, under the cosmos, together, apart."





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• uplifting COVID Survivors for Change •

San Marcos, Texas Garry Winogrand, 1964

San Marcos, Texas • 1964

Artist • Garry Winogrand

Curator, Researcher • Andrew Katsner



TOGETHER uplift 

• uplifting Think Local First DC •


Rising Dove Harold Eugene Edgerton, 1934

Rising Dove • 1934

Artist • Harold Eugene Edgerton

Curator, Researcher • Emmy Eggerman

Two Bicycles Alexander Lapin, 1987

Two Bicycles • 1987 

Artist • Alexander Lapin

Curator, Researcher •  Shengyuan Liu


RECOGNIZE understand 

• uplifting Dreaming Out Loud •


Man with Lunch Joseph M. Mills, n.d.

Man with Lunch 
• n.d.

Artist • Joseph M. Mills

Curator, Researcher • Andrew Kastner

Tanya Farit Gubaev, 1989

Tanya • 1989

Artist • Farit Gubaev

Curator, Researcher • Danielle Lane


CONNECT change

• uplifting Unemployed Workers United & 730DC •

After the Funeral Married, Not Dead (Series) Steve Hart

After the Funeral • 1992

Artist • Steve Hart

Curator, Researcher • Saskia Giramma




AWAKEN adapt 

• uplifting Loyalty Bookstores

Floors Boris Ignatovich

Floors 1933

Artist • Boris Ignatovich

Curator, Researcher • Danielle Lane



REJOICE revive 

• uplifting Busboys and Poets •



RELEARN metamorphosis 

• uplifting Support for Piscataway Tribe

Tidal, William Wegman

Tidal • 1999

Artist • William Wegman

Curator, Researcher • Hannah Kim


POSSIBILITY resilience

• uplifting Asian Pacifika Arts Collective •

Chris's Room, Richard Rodriguez

Chris's Room • 1979

Artist • Richard Rodriguez

Curator, Researcher • Megan Storkan