Corcoran Study Collection

About the Corcoran Study Collection

The Corcoran Study Collection contains 884 photographs, prints, paintings, and three-dimensional works from the former Corcoran Gallery of Art's collection, and is a resource for interactive learning and research for students and faculty at the George Washington University (GW).

In addition, the GW Libraries’ Special Collection manages the Corcoran Archives, which document the life and vitality of one of Washington D.C.’s oldest cultural heritage institutions. The Corcoran Archives have been organized in 17 collections. Browse the website or request help by contacting [email protected].


The Corcoran Gallery of Art was established in 1869 by William Wilson Corcoran (1798-1888) and expanded in 1880 to include the Corcoran College of Art and Design. When the Corcoran Gallery of Art closed in 2014, the college and the historic Corcoran Flagg Building were transferred to GW and works from the collection were distributed to museums and institutions in Washington, D.C. As a part of the collection distribution, the Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art also gifted the 884 works now in the Corcoran Study Collection to GW.

The Collection

The Corcoran Study Collection contains works spanning American, European, and Asian art from the 17th century to the 21st century. Areas of special strength include documentary photography and photojournalism; European prints; American and European painting and sculpture.

Online Collection Access

All works from the Corcoran Study Collection are accessible through the university’s pilot collections website. The pilot site also include highlights from The Textile Museum and the university’s four other collections.


For helpful search tips see Advanced Searching FAQ and How-To.

Class and Research Access

Over 75% of the Corcoran Study Collection is located in the Corcoran Flagg building (500 17th St NW) and is accessible to students, faculty, and researchers at GW and beyond.

Class and research access is by confirmed appointment only. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please email Olivia Kohler-Maga ([email protected]).

Questions about the Corcoran Study Collection?

For questions about the Corcoran Study Collection, please contact the registrar and collections manager.

Olivia Kohler-Maga
Luther W. Brady Art Gallery
[email protected]