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REPRESENTATION who is represented in this show?


You, reading this now. You, who understand these words in your own way, interpret these images, create a unique articulation of the connections between these concepts and objects in space, subjects and questions, shared language. You, who have the voice to speak from new inspiration. You, collaborating with me as you read, walking through a shared space, experiencing together while we are far apart. You, who now realize that art happens by community.

Curators, Researchers, Writers, Designers:

We are a group of 12 designers, scholars, meeting online, wearing nice tops and pajama bottoms, creating an exhibition from home. We are a collective that has never really met. We are collaborators in very different places. Most of us are in Washington, DC, where our school, The George Washington University is located, and few of us are in other time zones -- as far as South Korea! We are looking for ways to come together in the face of change. Together we have conversations about the traditional ‘white cube’, the ideologies that make up the traditional gallery space. We question the current moment and address the necessity and urgency of change. The year was 2020. We had reached a fork in the road. 

Looking to exhibitions of the past, collections of old photographs, moments frozen in time before us, we understand that every photograph has been framed particularly, each containing narratives, simultaneously pre-determined and open for interpretation. This is the constant experience of life. This recollection of photographs is told with a contemporary perspective. 

We selected 27 works from the Corcoran Study Collection based on an exploration of the themes of isolation, social, and hope. The product of this exploration is presented in eight distinct groups, each one a step in an evocative journey that parallels the universal experiences of life. We want this exhibition to communicate as a place of reflection. This exhibition will be one of the first to be held at the Corcoran in a post-pandemic world. 


Shengyuan Liu 

Andrew Kastner

Hannah Kim

Heather Herbstritt

Saskia Giramma

Emmy Eggerman

Nora Neely

Mike Guy

Danielle Lane

Megan Storkan

Alisoun Meehan


Clifton R. Adams  (1890-1934)

Frank DiPerna  (1947-2020)

Harold Eugene Edgerton  (1903-1990)

Arthur Ellis  (1912-1989)

Farit Gubaev  (1951)

Steve Hart   (1962)

Boris Ignatovich  (1899-1976)

André Kertész  (1894-1985)

Pavel Krivtsov   (1943)

Alexander Lapin  (1945)

Joseph M. Mills  (1951)

Evgeny Raskopov  (1936)

Richard Rodriguez  (1950)

Edward Serotta  (1949) 

Claudia Smigrod  (1949)

Nikolai Smilyk  (1973)

Vladimir Syomin  (1938)

Arthur Tress  (1940)

William Wegman  (1943)

Garry Winogrand  (1928-1984)


Project Manager, Web Design:

Nora Neely  <-- website

@noraseeingdouble  <-- instagram


Marketing, Programming:

Mike Guy <-- website

@mikeguystudio <-- instagram


Contact Nora & Mike here for inquiries about the show:

[email protected] 

or find us on Instagram!

Editor, Advisor:

Olivia Kohler-Maga



"The History of Exhibitions"

Dr. Lisa Lipinski

Fall 2020



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