List of Works: Concurring Experiences: Together, Apart


1 ACKNOWLEDGE+loss • uplifting Survivors for Change

  • Paris. The Big Pond in the Tuileries 1963,  André Kertész 1963
  • Chicken, Chihuahua (Cushua), Mexico, Frank DiPerna 1975
  • San Marcos, Texas, Garry Winogrand 1974


TOGETHER+uplift • uplifting Think Local First DC

  • Rising Dove, Harold Eugene Edgerton 1934
  • Two Bicycles, Alexander Lapin 1987
  • Morning, "On the Roads of Dagestan" (Series), Evgeny Raskopov 1982


RECOGNIZE+understand • uplifting Feeding America, Dreaming Out Loud

  • Man with Lunch, Joseph M. Mills n.d.
  • Man in Steam, New York City, Arthur Tress 1940
  • Masked Bride, Sweden, Arthur Tress 1940
  • Tanya, Farit Gubaev, 1989


CONNECT+change • uplifting Unemployed Workers United, 730DC

  • After the Funeral, "Married, Not Dead" (Series), Steve Hart 1962
  • Harris Karalic, a Muslim, bids goodbye to his son Denis who is being taken out of war ravaged Sarajevo By the Jewish community on a rescue convoy, Edward Serotta 1994
  • Hammer Breaking Glass Plate, Harold Eugene Edgerton 1947


AWAKEN+adapt • uplifting Loyalty Bookstores

  • Untitled [Church Ruins], Vladimir Syomin 1938
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico, Garry Winogrand 1958
  • Floors, Boris Ignatovich 1933


REJOICE+revive • uplifting Busboys & Poets

  • Csaba and Otti at the Hanukka Dance in Budapest, Edward Serotta 1989
  • Untitled (Violin Teacher, Dmitri Pronin), Pavel Krivtsov 1943
  • Sensita Making a Wish, Steve Hart 1993


RELEARN+metamorphosis • uplifting Support for Piscataway

  • Office Workers Returning Home, New York City, Arthur Tress 1940
  • Tidal, William Wegman 1943
  • Woman In Garden Behind the Pan American Union Building, Washington, DC, Clifton R. Adams, 1930


POSSIBILITY+resilience • uplifting Asian Pasifika Arts Collective

  • Chris's Room, Richard Rodriguez 1979
  • La Fortaleza, Where Puerto Rico's Governors Have Maintained their Homes and Offices for Four Centuries, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Edwin L. Wisherd, 1934




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