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Interior Architecture

Push the boundaries of design as you conceptualize three-dimensional spaces

Students in a classroom Design in Schools, a program created to educate D.C.-area high school students about interior architecture and design, also provides BFA students an opportunity to explain their design projects.

The Corcoran's Interior Architecture Program offers students a unique opportunity to study, learn, and create within a creative environment at a major research university. Our program is the only CIDA accredited program within Washington, and one of only four design programs located at a top-ranked research university.


Distinguished Design Lecture 

Career Outcomes

In D.C. alone, the creative sector includes more than 75,000 jobs generating $5 billion annually in income across the design, media, and other creative/artistic fields. Career possibilities in this field are always growing. Graduates of the BFA program have gone on to jobs at Waldo's Designs, Deborah Berke Partners, Mark Cunningham Inc., Freelance Space Planning & Design, Washington Workplace and have even started their own projects.


In the Interior Architecture program, you’ll take a broad range of courses to become knowledgeable in this creative field. All students are required to complete an internship, providing experiences you can apply your skills to. You must fulfill the Columbian College general requirements along with the Interior Architecture coursework.

Program-Specific Curriculum


To apply to the Interior Architecture program, you must complete the online application and submit all required materials. No portfolio is required. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides more information on the process.

If you have questions about applying, please contact  Professor Scott Jones at [email protected] or 202-242-6703.

For more information about financial aid and funding opportunities, please refer to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.



Scott Mooney
Professorial Lecturer

Joshua Moores
Professorial Lecturer

Nadia Volchanksy Nieves
Assistant Professor

Vanessa Rai
Professorial Lecturer

Austin Raimon
Professorial Lecturer

Steven Reynolds
Professorial Lecturer

Carey Scasserra
Professorial Lecturer


Ira J. Shertzer
Professorial Lecturer

Erin Speck
Assistant Professor

Jonah Takagi
Professorial Lecturer

Diane Taitt
Professorial Lecturer

Stephanie Travis
Associate Professor

Patrick Williams
Professorial Lecturer