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Gallery 102

Gallery 102 is committed to the exhibiting of contemporary art, including work from GW & Corcoran students, D.C.-area artists, and nationally recognized artists of all medium. The gallery provides practical curatorial experience to the student body. Students have the opportunity to exhibit work, curate shows and install exhibitions. The Student Exhibitions Committee consists of GW and Corcoran students undergraduate and graduate, majors and non-majors, artists and art historians — who both develop innovative, original, and thought-provoking exhibitions and invite a select group of guest curators to present exhibitions each semester.

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Gallery 102 is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19. Please check GW's COVID-19 Advisory page for updates.

801 22nd Street NW | Smith Hall of Art | Washington, DC 20052


Gallery 102 Team


  • Andy Johnson, Gallery Director & Chief Curator


Welcome World

Welcome World Exhibition Poster - 1st Year MFA Group Exhibition - Spring 2021


WASHINGTON, DC — Welcome World is a group exhibition that addresses the sense of happiness in times of uncertainty and the artists’ visions of happiness in the near future. The global pandemic has instilled uncertainty and a sense of despair that has changed many lives and has reshaped the artists’ practice. Allie Collier, Cristina Beard, Emmye, and Nate Prati each provide a unique creative expression of joy in the midst of chaos. In a time filled with tumultuous social conditions and mandatory distancing, the artists’ different disciplines create an exhibition that embraces color and embodies a symbolic unity.

In the search of a more optimistic future, the artists imagined themselves in a visual conversation shaping adversity in a more optimistic and ideal place. Each artist advocates for what they imagine could be a better place and shares this approach with the audience.

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**Please note Gallery 102 is currently closed to the public; however, the exhibition is viewable from outside of the gallery through the windows.


Allie Collier

Allie Collier is a graphic designer and illustrator from Nashville, Tennessee and is currently a graduate student in the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design’s MFA program. Her work explores a range of ideas including the meaning of home in the aftermath of a hyper-religious upbringing and gender and sexuality in light of such a background. Her work primarily manifests as digital paintings in the styles of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Impressionists; she also works with vector design and collage in an effort to bridge the gap between digital and fine art in her own work. 


Cristina Beard

Cristina Beard is a Latina painter, iconographer, and visual artist based in Washington D.C. Beard is currently attending the MFA graduate program at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. In Welcome World Beard presents an opportunity to explore the tensions between the social, economic, and political climate in the United States and her vision of happiness. Her works use satire, mixed media, and technique elements using clay, embroidery, and fabric that incorporate generational crafts of her Latin heritage. Beard’s work creates an opportunity to see the benefits of immigration and, at the same time, question inequalities and empathize with immigrants. In this exhibition Beard wants to expose what should be discarded from American society. 



Emmye is a 1st year graduate student at the GWU Corcoran MFA Fine Art program based in DC. She merges fantasy multimedia with a style of bundles of knots called “NODs.”She works in 3D and 2D within digital and traditional realms that mimic the human and plant vascular systems while advocating for blood clot recovery from her own challenges and survival. The NODs are therapy to express life’s entanglements while dancing in chaos. Her work takes the form of several different appearances using textiles, resin, and silicone as well as drawing, printmaking, painting and more. Her research interests include surrealism, plant roots, the human body, street art/murals, fractals, Mirror Lab, materiality combinations, 3D animation/modeling, sci-fi, anime/kawaii culture, & pastels. 


Nate Prati

Prati is an American Painter who resides in the DC metro area. Born and raised in Maryland, Prati studied traditional painting and studio arts at Montgomery College and the Maryland Institute College of Art. He is currently working as an Adjunct Professor at Baltimore County Community College and earning his master’s degree in painting at the Corcoran School of Arts and Design. His technique acts as an homage to a traditional painting practice while his content serves the conundrums of the contemporary world. In Welcome World, Prati’s work addresses the out-sourcing of cultural and material manufacturing taking place within the United States. 


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Gallery 102, and other pop-up sites/maker spaces around campus, is run by the Student Exhibitions Committee, which plans and curates a series of multi-week exhibitions every semester, and hosts several programmed events focused on the arts.

All students are invited to participate in the Student Exhibitions Committee. Membership is comprised of students from the Corcoran Scholars program, Graduates and Undergraduates from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, and other interested students within the GW Community. All undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate and new members are always welcome! Please email the Gallery or stop by the Main Office of Smith Hall of Art (Room 101) and fill out a committee interest form. Additionally, sign up to be included  on the email list to receive information about meetings, events, and openings.

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Fall 2016:

  • After-Facts
  • 8 Stories
  • Series No.__
  • RESPONSE: Relationships & Technology
  • Refractions
  • Some Assembly Required
  • A Home Built from Memory

Spring 2016:

  • NO AND
  • Enclosure
  • Forever - is composed of Nows -
  • Aither
  • The Eidolon
  • High Yellow
  • Annual Awards Show

Fall 2015:

  • Migrational
  • First Breath
  • My-Dentity
  • So Much Depends Upon
  • Food for Thought
  • Painting Here
  • Athletical

Spring 2015:

  • Soft Lab
  • Growing Pains
  • Redefining Black
  • Safe Space
  • On Time, On Accident
  • MFA Thesis - Ryan McDonnell
  • Womanhood: MFA Thesis - Shabnam Shamloo

Fall 2014:

  • from change to change
  • Chasing Down the Pour
  • Brown Fat
  • LEGAL: Branco, Gen Duarte, Nick Alive, TIKKA, Vermelho
  • Interpreting Icons: Re-envisioning the Exemplary
  • Hybrid Moments
  • Sensorium: The Art of Perception

Spring 2014:

  • Entropy
  • Stupid Dope Moves
  • In Conversation with Frank Gehry: An Interchange of Inspiration
  • Liminal Rite [for the indigenous modern identity]
  • Square Footage
  • 2014 Annual Awards Show

Fall 2013:

  • Illuminate!
  • MK Studio
  • Caged In
  • Water Follows Salt (an MFA Exhibition)
  • Let Freedom Ring

Spring 2013:

  • 2013 Annual Awards Show
  • Slow Food Photography
  • art + evolution
  • 91 to 95 / 95 to 91 (UMass & GWU Exchange)
  • Extensions: A Presidential Scholars in the Arts (PSA) Exhibition
  • Sandy's Stories: An Epilogue of Hurricane Sandy

Fall 2012:

  • 12.12.12: The Last Exhibition
  • WED 5-10
  • Techspective
  • ...And the Wisdom to Know the Difference
  • (His)tory: Private Memories & Public History
  • Lost in Translation
  • Endgame
  • The Fruit of Thine Labor

Spring 2012:

  • 2012 Annual Awards Show
  • Constructs
  • The Expanded Field
  • Absence of Presence/ Presence of Absence
  • A to Zany: A Presidential Scholars in the Arts (PSA) Exhibition
  • Seen/ Unseen
  • The Faculty Show

Fall 2011:

  • 2011 Holiday Art Sale
  • Obstruction
  • The Donut Show
  • Anywhere But Here
  • Introductions
  • Secrets of Smith

Spring 2011:

  • reMind
  • 2011 Annual Awards Show
  • analog
  • Flora Forms
  • Constructing Alice
  • Presidential Scholars in the Arts (PSA) Show 2011
  • Incoming
  • Today: A Current Events Show

Fall 2010:

  • Found: an object reassigned
  • 2010 Holiday Art Sale
  • the revolutionaries will not be digitized
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Verbal Input | Visual Output
  • Collective Mind
  • Fly Away Recipe
  • Between Time

Spring 2010:

  • Illustrations of the Akashic Records
  • 2010 Annual Awards Show
  • Wake Up
  • ...what do you say?
  • Escaping Intersections – Line by Line
  • Systems*Architecture*Ecologies
  • Traces
  • Paint it. Sculpt it. Adobe it.: A Presidential Scholars in the Arts (PSA) Exhibition
  • Trance Tunnel

Fall 2009:

  • ~ 700–635 nm
  • 2009 Holiday Art Sale
  • Conflicted Objects
  • Making Muses
  • play. games. man.
  • Small Show
  • Even Exchange

Spring 2009:

  • Untitled and Unsung
  • One to One
  • Computers Can't Play Jazz
  • 2009 Annual Awards Show
  • On Display
  • Undergrad Art Show
  • Crowded Spaces

Fall 2008:

  • Fall Detritus
  • First Annual Holiday Sale
  • More Than Just
  • First Annual Undergraduate Juried Show
  • Inspiration...
  • Conversations
  • Eclecticism

Past MFA Thesis Exhibitions:

  • Ryan McDonnell
  • Womanhood - Shabnam Shamloo
  • Liminal Rite [for the indigenous modern identity] - Joshua Zeis
  • Square Footage - Travis Beauchene
  • Puncture - Robin Schaefer
  • ...And the Wisdom to Know the Difference
  • (His)tory: Private Memories & Public History
  • Constructs
  • analog
  • Flora Forms
  • Constructing Alice
  • Illustrations of the Akashic Records
  • Wake Up
  • ...what do you say?
  • Escaping Intersections – Line by Line
  • Conflicted Objects
  • Play. Games. Man.
  • Even Exchange
  • Untitled and Unsung
  • One to One
  • Computer Can't Play Jazz