Continuing Education Faculty


Karthika Audinet

Karthika Audinet

Karthika Audinet is a DC based textile designer and educator with 25+ years of international experience and a background in designing luxury furnishings. She holds two MAs in Textile Design from the National Institute of Design, India and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, France.
Drawing of ponciana flower

Carol Beach

Carol Tudor Beach is an artist and designer who has worked with architects and interior designers painting murals and doing decorative art, specializing in botanical subjects.
Photograph of woman with glasses checkered scarf.

Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin earned an MFA from the University of Delaware. Much of her work explores time and memory, using techniques such as pinhole photography, video, and digital collage.
Mira Hecht

Mira Hecht

Mira Hecht is a DC-based artist. She holds a BA from American University in Washington, DC and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.
Josh Highter

Joshua Highter

Josh Highter is an artist whose work focuses on the intersection between observation and memory, utilizing the processes of drawing, painting, and printmaking.
Joey Manlapaz

Joey P. Mánlapaz

Washington, D.C.-based artist Joey P. Mánlapaz earned her MFA in painting from GW where her ongoing fascination for and concentration on the city of Washington as subject matter was influenced by her mentor Frank Wright, a renowned painter depicting 18th-19th century architecture of downtown D.C.
Hadrian Mendoza

Hadrian Mendoza

Hadrian Mendoza is a stoneware potter whose work is part of permanent collections in museums in Cambodia, China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.
Natasha Mokina

Natasha Mokina

Natasha Mokina is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts – the oldest and most respected art school in Russia, and perhaps the last school still continuing traditions of European art education
photo of Jim Mole

Jim Mole

Jim Mole, a painter and sculptor by training, is a versatile, deeply knowledgeable Internet strategist and usability advocate with more than twenty-five years of experience in advertising, marketing, web design and development.
Tom Morris

Tom Morris

Tom Morris is a painter and designer inspired by the hidden patterns of nature.
Hans Weise

Hans Weise

Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker and former director of video production at National Geographic, Hans Weise focuses his passion to tell complex stories in visually engaging ways.
Christian Wicha

Cristian Wicha

An award-winning industrial designer, woodworker, photographer, and sculptor from the D.C. area, Cristian Wicha has been designing furniture for production for the past 18 years.
Image of lion sculpture given in place of an instructor phot

Joe Yablonsky

Joe Yablonsky's work specializes in gelatin silver photographs of public sculpture.