BA in Art History

Students in class in a museum

BA in Art History

Study masterworks first-hand at renowned galleries and museums

The Art History program encourages the pleasures of looking and direct, interpretive engagement with the visual arts. Our location in Washington, D.C. ensures the availability of bountiful cultural and historical resources, while our faculty offers diverse methodological and scholarly approaches to the arts. We advocate the intertwining of visual, historical analyses with philosophical hypotheses and theoretical, political debates. We are attentive to the narrative qualities and rhetorical persuasiveness of art historical writing in dialogue with art objects, spaces and performances. In teaching the research and writing of art history, we cultivate connections to the studio arts and interdisciplinary exchanges with other fields of inquiry. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History curriculum covers ancient to contemporary art, with significant emphasis in developing research and writing skills. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the rich resources of the D.C. area through courses and internships with the world-class area institutions.

See the Art History Program website for more information.