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In Photos: "Inter|Sectionality" at the Corcoran

February 28, 2020
The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is home to one of the city's boldest multidisciplinary exhibitions this year in "Inter | Sectionality: Diaspora Art from the Creole City," featuring creations ranging from traditional photography and sculpture to 360-degree sensory experiences involving aromatic cacti and giant balloons.
Edith Alejandra Leiva (l) and her sister Nicole Leiva (r) began selling alfajor cookies as a hobby and ended up being winners of

What’s the Big Idea: Dulceology

February 26, 2020
Business is personal for Edith Alejandra Leiva. A graduate student studying interaction design at the George Washington University Corcoran School of Arts and Design, she runs an online bakery with her younger sister Nicole, where she said family, culture and people are the cornerstone of their business.
Design textiles

In Photos: Behind the Scenes with Interior Architecture Students

February 24, 2020
How can textures, colors and furniture pieces tie a room together?
Students from Denver Brunsman's "George Washington and His World" class examine artifacts from the Albert H. Small Washingtonian

Students Become Curators of ‘George Washington and His World’

February 14, 2020
Newest exhibition at the George Washington Museum and The Textile Museum is researched and presented by students in Denver Brunsman’s history class.
Mika Takahashi (BA Dance '19)

For This Washington Wizard, It All Started at the Corcoran

February 05, 2020
Mika Takahashi (BA Dance ‘19) has been making the world her stage since the time she started dancing at age 2. “My mom put me in everything,” she says, “Soccer, softball, all that, and she said I used to dance around the field... It was just something that I knew that I loved to do even at that young age.” 
A close-up fragment of velvet

Collections Website Offers Research Opportunities

February 03, 2020
GW’s new online archive includes photographs and information about more than 4,000 artifacts so far.