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Portion of the mural by Joerael Numina. Feature a large portrait of a member of the Piscataway Nation done in Graffiti.

The Ground Floor of the Corcoran Gets a Historically Significant Addition

September 23, 2019
Muralist Joerael Numina has created a stunning piece on the ground floor of the Corcoran Schoo of the Arts and Design's Flagg Building. The Mural honors the rich history of the Piscataway Nation, who once held great power over the territory we now call Washington D.C.
Silhouetted man with red bag.

"From the Margins" Press Release

September 16, 2019
Join us for Gallery 102's newest exhibition, "From the Margins." 2019 marks thirty years since the cancellation of The Perfect Moment: Photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.