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Corcoran Library Transfer

Corcoran Library Moves to Gelman

September 22, 2014

As the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design continues its integration into the GW community, Corcoran students now have a familiar resource on campus: their old library.

Kate Schuler Luce Fellow

Alumna Exposes Natural Beauty of the Philippines

September 17, 2014

Katie Schuler, a 2007 Corcoran alumna, has come across creatures endemic to the Philippines through a storytelling project she’s working on as a Luce Scholar.

Corcoran School

Historic Arts Agreement Transfers $43 Million to GW

September 10, 2014

As part of the finalized agreement among GW, the Corcoran and the National Gallery of Art, GW will receive approximately $43 million in funds.

Corcoran Presents Joseph Asher Hale’s 'Fathom'

Corcoran Presents Joseph Asher Hale’s 'Fathom'

September 08, 2014

Pangea Ultima is what some people think the world might look like in 250 million years.