BA in Theatre

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A Little Night Music

'A Little Night Music' directed by Leslie Jacobson. Spring 2016 

The Bachelor of Arts degree program of study in Theatre combines both the theory and practice of this collaborative art form. The curriculum offers courses in the doing of theatre design, acting, playwriting, directing and production work, along with the study of aesthetic theory, theater history and other conceptual and theoretical topics.

The curriculum is designed to give the Theatre Major a firm grounding in all aspects of theatre, while giving each student the opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of study (e.g. acting, design, dramaturgy), by the end of one’s senior year. Study abroad opportunities are encouraged, as is the opportunity to do a Senior Honors Thesis, which can have a performance, creative, or scholarly focus.

For more information, please go to the Program of Theatre & Dance website.

Theatre Undergraduate Major Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

Program-specific curriculum (minimum of 39 credits):

TRDA 1214Beginning Acting
TRDA 1240Performance Theory and Criticism
TRDA 1330Basics of Production Design
TRDA 2339Theatre Practicum (1 credit taken 3 times=3 credits)
TRDA 3131WTheatre of Social Change
TRDA 3240Introduction to Dramaturgy
TRDA 3245History of the Theatre I
or TRDA 3245W History of the Theatre I
TRDA 3246History of the Theatre II
or TRDA 3246W History of the Theatre II
TRDA 4275Directing for the Theatre
6 credits in design/technical theatre courses selected from the following:
TRDA 3331Introduction to Lighting
TRDA 3332Theatrical Makeup Design
TRDA 3333Stage Management
TRDA 3334Introduction to Audio Design
TRDA 3335Introduction to Scene Design
TRDA 3336Introduction to Costuming
TRDA 4338Scene Painting
6 additional credits in the department selected from the following in consultation with the advisor:
TRDA 2215Intermediate Acting
TRDA 2240Play Analysis
TRDA 2250Dramatic Writing
or ENGL 2250 Dramatic Writing
TRDA 3222Topics in Advanced Acting
TRDA 4595Selected Topics
TRDA 4596Independent Study
TRDA 4598Internship
TRDA 4597Senior Project
or TRDA 4599 Honors Thesis