2020 NEXT Music Capstones

NEXT Music Capstones are the culminating projects for graduating music majors. These capstones may take the form of a recital, thesis, composition, or any combination of items, but all require an academic research component as part of the Music B.A. curriculum.


Sheila Albertson

Beethoven and His Interpreters: A Study on Moonlight Sonata
By Sheila Albertson

Sheila Albertson’s (virtual) senior recital explores the history, influences, and interpretations surrounding Beethoven's momentous composition.

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9 Stories and a Basement: The Thurston Memorial

9 Stories and a Basement: The Thurston Memorial
By Andrew Hesbacher

This project shares the stories of Thurston Hall residents past and present as we remember and say goodbye to a place we call home.

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Emily Dickinson

I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed: Settings and Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry
By Angela Lentini

Angela's Capstone explores the nature of Emily Dickinson's prosody, and how Dickinsonian linguistics converts to music

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The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey
By Steven Shi Xinglan

This ongoing project curates vocal works from diverse periods, traditions, and aesthetics to explore “the hero’s journey” as interpreted by a variety of composers.

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