Yearbook Photographers Needed

October 19, 2017

We are currently looking for anyone who would like to gain some experience in photography, or seasoned photographers who would like to increase their portfolio. The Cherry Tree is a fantastic opportunity for student photographers to be published, and to continue to hone their photography skills in a non-curricular, journalistic way. Staff members are asked to attend events we are covering in the yearbook and take at least 25 photos. We have cameras that students may borrow for each event if you do not have your own DSLR camera. Because the work is spread out over the course of the academic year, the time commitment per week is very low, and can be managed easily alongside schoolwork.

We sort our book by subject between Features, discussing major university events such as Welcome Week and the Cherry Blossom Festival, Student Life, discussing the many Student organizations on campus, Greek Life, discussing the fraternities and sororities and Athletics, in which we detail every sport and devote an article to spirit activities. In addition to these kinds of articles, each section has its share of Student Profiles, highlighting the activities and achievements of a specific student.

If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to work with you!