Winning designs chosen for NEXT 2019!

NEXT wiinner logo
The winning design: "In Motion"
February 21, 2019

After much debate and consideration, students, faculty, staff and guest judges chose “In Motion” as the final design for NEXT 2019.


The winning design features a warm color palette, eye-catching details, and text that looks as if it is moving.  


New NEXT logo 2019



The text in the Design Lab booklet reads:


"We often speak about momentum: gaining momentum, losing momentum, finding new momentum.  We generally mean that we're on a roll, but in physics momentum is literally mass in motion.  Momentum isn't simply the speed at which something is moving but the force at which it charges forward.  Momentum derives from the Latin momentum, which directly translates to moving power.  


At the Corcoran, our students are moving powers.  Our momentum catapults us in new and unexpected directions.  Creativity fuels our momentum and galvanizes change.  For students over the past few years, and particularly for the class of 2019, our relentless momentum has revolutionalized the spirit of the Corcoran while preserving the soul of our institution.  This is the legacy of this year's graduating class, and I believe is the foundation of which we should brand Next."


Several ideas were all prepared by the members of Design Lab - five junior graphic design majors, led by Professor Richard Jenrette.  The Design Lab Team features Emily Recko, Samantha Carpenter, Maddie Goldstein, Winnie Palay and Carolyn Shipe.


You can view the final four concepts, including “In Motion” here.