We aim to provide spaces in our classrooms where students can create to gain experience, knowledge and a greater understanding of their creativity. As we work to enhance and improve our spaces, the Corcoran administration is focused on working with the Division of Operations and contractors closely. For spaces like the Flagg building, we are carefully preserving the historic character of the building while bringing it up to date for our innovative arts and design programs.



Flagg Building, gallery space




We recently completed a multiyear, multiphase renovation of the historic Flagg Building. The $47.5 million funding was used in part to add fire suppression systems, life safety systems, code-required fresh air and ventilation, new mechanical units including an emergency generator, modern plumbing, and code-compliant electrical systems. Additionally, the building had several key classrooms renovated, and accessibility features such as ramps installed throughout the space. Future work will be scheduled depending on funding.





Painting classroom


Classrooms and learning spaces on every floor.


Student using hammer in metal shop


Wood and metal shops in the sub-basement are open for classes and student work.


Metal machine


The basement level includes painting and drawing studios, design classrooms, critique spaces, fabrication studios, etching and lithography studios, screen-printing, papermaking, and digital studios. Students with studio space will have 24/7 access.


Exhibit Space in the Flagg Building


The first floor includes seminar rooms, galleries including GW’s Luther W. Brady Art Gallery, critique spaces, a lighting studio, the auditorium, and additional digital studios.


Empty exhibit space in the flagg building


The second floor will feature the National Gallery of Art spaces, the rotunda, design studios, small exhibit and critique spaces, and breakout rooms for students working on projects. The NGA galleries are still in the process of being moved to the Flagg Building.


Doors of the Flagg Building


The estimated 2,000 pound 17th Street "night doors" were reinstalled.

GW Rave Guardian app open on Iphone


GW Guardian is a free, personal safety app designed specifically for members of the GW community.  It offers an additional layer of security to the University’s emergency mass notification services, and enables users both on and off campus to:

  • Receive targeted, emergency notifications, alerts, and advisories;
  • Directly access important Safety & Support Services contacts and resources;
  • Set Safety Timers and assign virtual Guardians to monitor users’ safety late at night or while traveling;
  • Connect directly with emergency services, such as GW Police, EMeRG, and 911.

To learn more, visit our GW Guardian Website and download the app for iPhone or Android.