News Stories

Caroline Woolard sits in her "Queer Rocker," a work she encourages others to reproduce.

Corcoran Visiting Professor Works to Shape a More Just World

Artist Caroline Woolard creates objects and experiences that require and encourage cooperation.

Filmmaker Reid Davenport

Award-Winning Filmmaker Reid Davenport Redefines Disability through the Lens of Art

The GW alumnus creates his films with an eye toward “removing systemic barriers in society.”

Tony Bennett

In Memoriam: Tony Bennett

GW Honorary Doctor of Music, President’s Medal recipient and occasional GW guest lecturer was a cultural icon who serenaded listeners for decades.

Luther W. Brady

Luther W. Brady Estate Gifts Significant Collection of Mid-Century Painting and Sculpture by Internationally-Renowned Artists

More than 130 works comprise the multi-million donation and provide hands-on experience for GW students.

Lauren Onkey

Vietnam 50 Years Later: War-Era Sounds and Images

Corcoran Director, Lauren Onkey was quoted by C-SPAN for their feature on “Vietnam 50 Years Later: War-Era Sounds and Images,’’ which was hosted by GW.

Maricarmen Solis

Corcoran Alumni Kudos

Corcoran Alumni Pave the Way for Future Generations of Artists.

Assistant Interior Architecture Professor Douglas Crawford

Corcoran Faculty & Staff Kudos

Corcoran Faculty and Staff Continue to Lead in their Fields.

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

Student Kudos

A Year of Achievement and Success for Corcoran Students.

Mississippi River Styx

Alumnus Premieres Documentary at Big Sky Festival

Andy McMillan, B.F.A ’06 (Photojournalism), premiered his first feature documentary film titled "Mississippi River Styx."

NEXT 2023

GW’s Corcoran School Expands End-Of-Year Exhibition To Month-Long Arts Festival

The NEXT Festival will showcase visual art, performances, and research from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design May 3-20, 2023.