New Media Photojournalism Faculty

photo of jasper colt

Jasper Colt

Jasper came to photojournalism late in life, but approached it with the passion of someone who had never before considered that you could do what you love for a living. Read More  

William Douthitt

Bill Douthitt

Bill Douthitt is Photography Managing Editor for Science magazine, the flagship publication of the American Association for Advancement of Science. Read More  

Stephen Elfers

Stephen Elfers

Steve Elfers has been a visual journalist for 30 years and has covered military conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Somalia. Read More  

photo of michelle frankfurter

Michelle Frankfurter

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Michelle Frankfurter is a documentary photographer from Takoma Park, MD.
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photo of Karen Kasmauski

Karen Kasmauski

Karen Kasmauski has had a long freelance career working as a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine for over twenty years.
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Astrid Riecken

Astrid Riecken

Astrid Riecken is an award-wining documentary and fine-art photographer, based in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Riecken started her photographic career in her native Hamburg, Germany.
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photo of Susan Sterner

Susan Sterner

Susan Sterner started her career as a photojournalist freelancing with national and international publications while based in New Orleans, La. She worked for the Associated Press as a staff photographer, based in Mississippi and California. With the AP she covered domestic issues such as immigration, child labor and families in poverty as well as U.S. border issues and social change in Haiti. Read More