Graphic Designer Needed

December 18, 2017

This is a two-part project: 1) We are creating some on-line courses that will essentially be PowerPoint presentations with a voiceover. We have created the text for the project, and indicated where we want slides to match the text; we are now looking for someone to create some visually appealing slides for us. 2) We would like to have someone (hopefully the same person) then take the slides that are created and match them with the voiceover we have recorded (mp3 files) and create an mp4 (or similar) product, combining the voiceover and slides. There would be 8-10 modules in all, each with about 10 to 25 slides. I would envision this work to take about 25 hours per module.

The graphics to be incorporated into these modules could be photos (supplied by my organization or from an online photo database), words (similar to PowerPoint slide), and a few custom created graphics by the graphic artist. Our previous graphic artist was able to use animate some of the graphics using the Ken Burns and other effects.

Regarding our timeframe: We will some of the text and voiceover recordings completed by January 31, and the rest between February 15 and March 30. We would need all modules to be completed by May 31 (or earlier if possible). We can pay an hourly rate of $30-40 for the work. 

For more information, contact Amy Conrick at [email protected].