Exhibition Design Faculty

photo of Barbara Brennan

Barbara Brennan

Professor Brennan was exhibition designer and Chair of the Exhibits Design and Technology Department at the National Air and Space Museum for over 30 years, where she was lead designer for Star Trek and the Sixties, How Things Fly, The Wright Brothers & the Invention of the Aerial Age, America by Air, and Pioneers of Flight.
Nigel Briggs

Nigel Briggs

Nigel Briggs received his degree in Industrial Design from Leicester Polytechnic (Leicester, UK) at a time when "design software" might have meant a comfortable stool at the drafting table.
Kevin Brookes

Kevin Brookes

Currently Kevin is working as a Visual Information Specialist for the National Park Service, where he ensures that media projects are designed, produced and installed as contracted by the National Park service.
Photo of Professor Naomi Crellin

Naomi Crellin

For a number of years Naomi led a "double life" - as her career began working at a strategy consulting company, she also began practicing as an artist and drafting, designing and making furniture.
Photo of Professor Andrea Hunter Dietz

Andrea Hunter Dietz

Andrea Dietz is an architect, curator, and writer. Her creative and scholarly practice is focused on “architecture(s) of and on display” – or the translation and exhibition of the built environment.
photo of jonathan goldman

Jonathan Goldman

Through his curatorship and exhibitions, Jon explores the intersection between creativity and development and uses exhibitions to highlight how creativity and culture improves lives and can solve real-world challenges.
photo of william jacobs

William "Jake" Jacobs

A native of Minnesota, Jake first earned an undergraduate degree in art history/studio arts from the University of Minnesota and pursued independent study in graphic design at the Statens Haandverks og Kunstindustri Skolen in Oslo, Norway before attending RISD.
photo of donna kirk

Donna Kirk

Professor Kirk is a licensed architect and has worked in the Design Office at the NGA for over 30 years.
photo of mark leithauser holding a skull

Mark Leithauser

Mark Leithauser has exhibited his artwork throughout the United States, and is currently represented by Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York. He lives in Washington, D.C., where he is a senior curator and the chief of design at the National Gallery of Art.
Photo of Julia Louie

Julia Louie

Julia Louie is an exhibition designer at the National Museum of Natural History, as well as a professor of Exhibition Design.
photo of alvin tsao

Alvin Tsao

A proud detailer, Professor Alvin Tsao has worked in technical design, production, and drafting for over 30 years.