Call for Artists for Constellation on H

October 19, 2017

The location for this permanent art sculpture will be on the corner of Florida Avenue & H Street, NE outside of Constellation on H. This is a highly visible area for traffic in and out of the H street corridor. The vision for this project is a signature and original sculpture highlighting the creative elements of the building, especially but not limited to the vibrancy and history of Ward 6 and the property in addition to the branding concepts and designs integrated at Constellation on H. This site specific art work should:

  • Demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Enhance the condominium building (Florida Avenue & H Street, NE) with a distinctive aesthetic experience both highly visible and welcoming to residents and pedestrians along H Street, as well as those traveling in vehicles and bicyclists
  • Provide a recognizable identity for Constellation on H in tandem with branding and architectural guidelines
  • Be an original piece of art appropriate for outdoor installation and appropriate to stand up to severe weather, vandalism, graffiti, etc. and be adequately safe and secured
  • Consider site limitations
  • Consider maintenance and upkeep
  • Ground space on the site is limited and will require selected artist(s) to consider site limitations and placement previously determined by site architect and owner
  • The design of the artwork must be anchored into concrete footers
  • Longevity must be in mind – this is a sculpture that must withstand 20+ years
  • Provide excitement and interest for the community as a whole
  • Celebrate Ward 6’s rich heritage and Constellation on H identity

A maximum of a $15,000 Commission for the artist(s) selected to realize his/her work.

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