DanceWorks Spring 2017

BA in Dance

Stretch the boundaries of your performance


DanceWorks Fall 2016 

The Dance Bachelor’s of Arts program emphasizes the development of a technically trained body, the processes involved in the creative activity of making dances and building a strong theoretical base for understanding movement. The student prepares for a professional career in the multifaceted field of dance as artist, entrepreneur, manager, or dance specialist. In addition, courses in theatrical crafts such as lighting and costuming are required to reinforce the concepts behind presenting dances in the theatrical environment. The focus of the dance program is contemporary modern rather than classical modern. 

Students interested in the program in dance can visit the Program of Theatre and Dance website for more information.

Requirements for BA in Dance

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

Program-specific curriculum:

Production design (3 credits)
Basics of Production Design
Dance Technique (15 credits from the following):
Beginning Modern/Postmodern Dance
Beginning/Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance
Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Creative process, performance, and theory (17 credits from the following):
Movement Improvisation/Performance
Trends in Performance
Dance and Arts Management
Dance Composition I
Dance Composition II
Choreography and Performance
Elective credits in Theatre and Dance (4 credits from the following):
Dean's Seminar
Understanding the Dance
Beginning Ballet
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet
Intermediate Ballet
African Dance
World Dance
Dance History
Dance History
Dance Styles I
Dance Styles II
Global Dance History
Theatre Practicum
Embodied Kinesis for Dance
Introduction to Lighting
Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
Selected Topics
Selected Topics
Independent Study
Honors Thesis