Transformer20: Retrospective Exhibition & Benefit Auction Gala

October 10, 2022


On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, Transformer presents Transformer20 - a dynamic, large- scale exhibition featuring one hundred artworks by artists from across our twenty years of exhibitions, as well as a deep dive into the organization’s extensive archives. Being presented at the George Washington University's Corcoran School of the Arts and Design November 10 - December 10, Transformer20 exhibition will launch with a Benefit Auction Gala of featured artworks on November 10, 2022. Advance ticket purchases are required. Priority tickets will go to Transformer’s Visionary Leaders Circle donors. Limited individual tickets will be available. Participating Transformer20 artists will be in attendance. To purchase tickets please visit:


Over the last two decades, Transformer has supported exceptionally talented and thoughtful emerging artists locally, nationally and internationally, while maintaining an artist-centered approach that encourages experimentation in all aspects of exhibition making, from content and creation, to process and presentation. Since its very first exhibition Mica & Misaki opened in June 2002, Transformer has remained true to its mission to connect, elevate, and serve emerging artists and arts leaders, dedicated to presenting what is new and next in contemporary art. The organization has presented 545+ exhibitions and programs, developed partnerships with 70+ cultural institutions and 24+ countries — working with more than 3,200 artists, curators and cultural workers.


“The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is proud to be hosting Transformer20 and welcoming back the Transformer community to the Flagg Building. The longstanding partnership between the Corcoran and Transformer has been essential to our growth and identity. Congratulations to Victoria Reis and Transformer for your tireless work in supporting emerging artists and cultural leaders,” - Dr. Lauren Onkey, Director of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.


Transformer20 is co-curated by Victoria Reis, Transformer Co-Founder, Artistic and Executive Director and Georgie Payne, Transformer Staff 2013-2019, Exhibition and Programs Manager from 2015-2019. The retrospective exhibition chronicles the organization’s legacy of presenting innovative, multi-faceted exhibitions and programs, both independently and through global partnerships. The Benefit Gala is an extension of the organization’s annual fundraiser, a vibrant, cutting-edge event that has consistently been regarded as fall’s ‘not to be missed’ art event in Washington D.C. that provides essential support for Transformer’s innovative year-round exhibitions and programs.


Transformer20 artworks will remain on view in the Corcoran’s historic Beaux Arts-Flagg Building through December 10, 2022. Special programming including curatorial walk throughs, artist presentations, performance and a FlatFile pop up exhibition within the larger exhibition will be featured throughout the run of Transformer20. All Transformer20 artworks presented will be made available for sale via an online auction benefit to support future generations of artists, with a 50/50 sales split on proceeds between participating Transformer20 artists and Transformer. Guests attending the November 10 Gala will have first access to purchase artworks.


Widely recognized by artists and growing communities of supporters for substantially supporting and advancing emerging artists and experimental cultural production in Washington, D.C. and beyond, Transformer is thrilled to have this opportunity to highlight its achievements, and those of the exceptional artists who have been part of its continued trajectory. Transformer20 will be both a look back at Transformer’s work with artists and a myriad of collaborators, as well as an invitation to support its future.


November 11 – December 10, 2022
Viewing hours: Wednesday-Saturday 1-5pm
Benefit Gala: Nov. 10 - RSVP
Corcoran School of the Arts & Design
Flagg Building, 500 17th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20006


Transformer20 Artists include (as of 10.26.22):


Geoffrey Aldridge
Sascha Appelhoff
Eames Armstrong*
Eli Barak
Holly Bass*
Breck Omar Brunson*
Dario Carratta
Jessica Cebra*
Mei Mei Chang
Billy Colbert
Cynthia Connolly*
Lely Constantinople
Hoesy Corona
Lily Cox-Richard
Alexander D'Agostino
Rex Delafkaran
Lily deSaussure
Dahlia Elsayed & Andrew Demirjian
Tamar Ettun
Yacine Tilala Fall*
Mia Feuer*
Carl FK Pao
Thom Flynn
Emily Francisco
Adrienne Gaither
Hélène Garcia
Alessandro Giannì
Stephen Gibson
Maps Glover
Alexis Gomez*
Saúl Gómez
Felipe Goncalves
Elizabeth Graeber
Pat Graham
Adam Griffiths
Jeremy Haik
Ryan Hill*
Matt Hollis
James Huckenpahler*
Amy Hughes Braden*
David Ibata*
Erick Jackson
Chandi Kelley*
Victor Koroma
Nilay Lawson*
Hatnim Lee*
Marissa Long*
Sandra Luckett
Jameson Magrogan
Carolina Mayorga
Taylor McKimens
J. Morrison
Megan Mueller
My Barbarian
Ryan Carroll Nelson*
Joseph Orzal*
Piero Passacantando*
Vesna Pavlović
Andrea Polichetti
Alanna Reeves
Ding Ren*
Lauren Rice
MichaelAngelo Rodriguez*
Raúl Romero
Bonner Sale
Mica Scalin*
Sheldon Scott
Joaquin Segura
Johab Silva*
Farrah Skeiky
Hannah Spector*
Molly Springfield*
Melanie Standage
Zach Storm*
Jay Stuckey
Scott Szegeski
Christine Buckton Tillman
Lisa Marie Thalhammer
Kelly Towles
Antonia Tricarico
Ryota Unno
Jenny Walton*
Jennifer Wen Ma
Martha Wilson
Naoko Wowsugi


* Indicates GW, Corcoran College of Corcoran School of the Arts and Design student and faculty alumni