Smith 213A

Color Film Processing Room

213A room photo


  • Jobo Color Film Processor



Corcoran students enrolled in a color photography class that has the option of using color film. Also open to Corcoran photo majors and graduate students in the MFA or NMPJ programs. Students need to have been trained by either Kaitlin Jencso or Caroline Casey prior to use. Students provide own chemistry after training. Once they have completed this training their names will be on the approved access list.




Will reopen Fall 2018.

Sign Up: Students show up during open studio times and have to hand their GWorld cards over to the tech to check out any equipment for film development or an enlarger key. When students have been trained, they become part of a shared google doc that helps them to coordinate when they develop film because the chemistry is only good for 3 days and is exhausted after 8 rolls of film.