Smith 213/214


  • 14 Omega 4550XL diffusion enlargers that print 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 645, and 4x5 negatives
  • Silver gelatin print chemistry (Dektol developer, Sprint stop bath, Sprint speed fixer, Sprint fixer remover)
  • Chemistry for black and white film development (D-76 developer, Sprint speed fixer, Sprint speed fixer remover)



A long lab table with chairs around it in the center of a small classroom




Individual workstations line the walls of a dark room photography lab




Corcoran or other GW students enrolled in a photography class, as well as graduate students in the MFA or NMPJ programs.

Students must be trained by faculty and/or staff. To request training email [email protected] 

Students must wear a mask and sign in to open studios.


To view darkroom hours go to DARKROOM OPEN STUDIO PAGE


Sign Up: Students show up during open studio times and have to hand their GWorld cards over to the tech to check out any equipment for film development or an enlarger key.