Smith 207


  • 14 Omega enlargers that print 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 645, and 4x5 negatives
  • Silver gelatin print chemistry (Dektol developer, Sprint stop bath, Sprint speed fixer, Sprint fixer remover)
  • Chemistry for black and white film development (D-76 developer, Sprint speed fixer, Spring speed fixer remover)
  • Non-silver processes are also done in this space, such as cyanotype, albumen, etc...



An empty photography dark lab




Two students develop photos in a dark lab




Corcoran or other GW students enrolled in a photography class specifically scheduled in this darkroom, Corcoran photo majors, graduate students in the MFA or NMPJ programs. Students need to have been trained by a faculty member or staff on these enlargers prior to use.

Students must wear a mask and sign in to open studios


To view darkroom hours go to Darkroom Open Studio Page