Siobhan Rigg

Associate Professor of New Media; Special Assistant for Curriculum Integration
Room 203C


Professor Rigg explores local relationships through experimental forays between personal conversations, and recycled literary, documentary, and media materials. Her work in video, sound, performance, and web-based media is often public and situation or site specific.


Current Research

Recent projects have explored the qualities of false remembrances of political events and the opening of the long-fabled ocean route, the Northwest Passage. Recent work has been presented with the Flux Factory and Art in Odd Places in New York and Provisions Library in Washington, D.C.



  • George Washington University Award
  • Columbian College Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Trachtenberg Service Prize
  • Jane Lingo Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Nominee for Outstanding Teacher, Metropolitan Area
  • Nominee for the Trachtenberg Teaching Prize



  • Co-Editor of On the Very Edge: Modernism and Modernity in the Arts and Architecture of Interwar Serbia (1918-1941) Leuven University Press, 2014 and author of the chapter, “From Tradition to Modernism: Uroš Predić and Paja Jovanović.”
  • Author of La Vie Moderne: 19th Century French Art in the Corcoran Gallery
  • Co-author of Antoine Louis Barye as well as guest curator for the accompanying exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
  • Author of "Anna Klumpke: in Context" in Anna Klumpke (Arizona State University)
  • Over the course of her career she has written on the work of contemporary American artists exhibiting in private and University Gallery venues in Paris, New York, Ohio, Maryland and Washington DC

Included among her articles, published in the peer-reviewed journal, Serbian Studies, are:

  • “Uri Zvi Greenberg ”(2015)
  • “Orientalism through the Balkan Lens of Paja Jovanović” (2014)
  • “Belgrade: Transformations and Confluences” (2012)
  • “Paja Jovanović and the Imaging of War and Peace" (2010)
  • ”Exploring Modernity in the Art of Krstić, Jovanović, and Predić" (2009)
  • “Interpreting Western Academic Traditions in 19th-Century Serbian Painting “ (2008)
  • “Inspiration and Affirmation of Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Serbian Art” (2005)



MFA, Carnegie Mellon University