In Photos: Corcoran Costume Ball 2019

GW celebrated spooky season in style.

October 25, 2019

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Students showed out at the annual masquerade. (Mariah Miranda Photography)

Originally published on GWToday, October 21, 2019


Halloween at the George Washington University Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is always a showcase for creativity, and this year's Corcoran Costume Ball was no exception. From ghoulish to glamorous, see some of the dazzling looks from Saturday night. (Photos by Mariah Miranda.)

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The art photographed is by David Page


About Compound Ballance: "A counterweight lifts a bag containing a bound human subject (me!), by means of a scissor action, locking hoist. As long as there is sufficient mass in the counterweight, the person remains locked and suspended in the bag and must wait for enough sand to escape in order to equalize the weight and release the lock." –David Page