Student concentrating on woodworking tools

Non-Degree Programs

Corcoran Arts Continuing Education and Pre-College Programs are housed under GW’s Office of Summer and Non-Degree Programs, making art accessible to everyone with a desire to explore and learn. Corcoran Arts Continuing Education offers a variety of non-credit art courses for adults of all ages throughout the year. Pre-College programs are open to high school students during the summer months.

Corcoran Arts Continuing Education

photo of student working with ceramicsNon-degree students of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in classes in ceramics, digital media design, drawing, interior design, painting, photography, sculpture, woodworking and more.

Corcoran Arts Continuing Education courses allow students to brush up on basics, develop further expertise or just have fun. Afternoon, evening and weekend classes are available to work around your schedule. Courses are taught by leading professionals in their fields, and are available during winter, spring and summer semesters. For information on how to apply, visit the continuing education page

The following courses are available for Spring 2018:

CCE 1120 A       Introduction to Painting  
Faculty:               Thomas Morris
Time:                   S 9:00-12:00
Location:             Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 1182 10      Painting Short Course  
Faculty:               Joshua Highter
Time:                   R 6:30-9:00
Location:             Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 1183 10     The Art of Watercolor/Gouache
Faculty:               Samantha Sethi
Time:                   W 6:00-9:00
Location:             Flagg Classroom B-134

CCE 1370 A       Book Arts Basics Workshop
Faculty:               Jennaway Pearson
Time:                   S 10:00-1:00
Location:             Flagg Classroom B-108 Studio

CCE 1440 10/AA   Intro to Botanical Drawing   
Faculty:                   Carol Beech
Time:                       U 1:30-4:45
Location:                 Flagg Classroom B-134

CCE 1825 80/AA   Introduction to the Wheel    
Faculty:                   Ryan McDonnell
Time:                       U 9:30-12:45
Location:                 Flagg Classroom B-110/Studio B-116

CCE 2120 A/AA   Intermediate Painting  
Faculty:                 Joshua Highter
Time:                     T 6:30-9:45
Location:               Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 2135 A        Still Life Oil Paint Techniques  
Faculty:                Natasha Mokina
Time:                    S 1:30-4:45
Location:              Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 2341 A/AA  Woodworking & Furniture Design
Faculty:                 Cristian Wicha
Time:                     T 6:30-9:45
Location:               Flagg Studio B-200

CCE 2701 10      Special Topics: Photography; Photo DC
Faculty:                TBD
Time:                    U 10:00-1:00
Location:              Flagg Computer Room 106

CCE 3220 A        Advanced Abstract Painting Studio A
Faculty:                Mira Hecht
Time:                    M 1:00-4:15
Location:              Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 3220 B        Advanced Abstract Painting Studio B
Faculty:                Mira Hecht
Time:                    T 9:30-12:45
Location:              Flagg Classroom B-135

CCE 3635 A        Adv. Woodworking & Furniture
Faculty:                Cristian Wicha
Time:                    R 6:30-9:45
Location:              Flagg Studio B-200


Pre-College Program

GW Pre-College features summer programs that allow high school students to experience the academic rigors of learning in a college environment. Pre-College arts courses come in a variety of topics, ranging from digital arts to traditional painting and drawing.

photo of pre-college painting classOur courses lean on the long tradition of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design’s creative and inspired scholarship, along with their academically robust programs in the arts, to create dynamic and challenging courses for visiting high school students.

Top-tier faculty guide, inspire, and empower students through immersive programs that allow students to refine their skills and build their portfolio.

To learn more about available programs, visit the Pre-College page.